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AYKA Solar is a CEC-accredited solar retailer, working with many CEC-accredited solar installers in Australia who is here to guide you and take you on a wonderful journey of renewability and self-sustainability.

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How to recognise CEC certification?

Clean Energy Council-certified retailers use best practices from the renewable energy industry regarding quality sales and marketing. We can easily find them with the CEC-approved solar retailer logo. You can also check the main website and find your preferred CEC-approved solar retailers. You can also find solar installers near you by clicking on the tab that reads, find solar installers near me on the website. You can also navigate and type the name and see if a specific operator is approved or not with another tab.

Picking “solar installers near me” is not an easy task

There has been a tremendous rise in solar system installers in Australia. A key concern is how well the energy you have generated meets your needs. The energy market has been fluctuating over the past few months. Australians are working hard to capitalise on the abundant sunlight available. Even though the unstable prices and hikes have been threatening them off-late.

  • A CEC-certified solar panel installer has been in the industry for quite some time. They know how to satisfy the needs of the consumer.
  • The perfect installer is flexible and can guide you through the process of installing in your home or business.
  • Solar system installation is a one-time lifetime investment. I prefer you find someone who’s been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and is here to stay.
  • The lifespan of a typical solar system can last up to 20 to 25 years. Make sure you have a warranty covering your installation. It is better to be secure and safe than to fret about hurried installations.

The pursuit of renewability and sustainability is in great alignment with the future of energy generation. Solar-powered systems allow you to power your home and become self-sufficient and be your boss. The charm of renewability lies in finding an effective, exceptional and exemplary solar retailer.

Solar Installers

Are they right for you?

It is indeed an excruciating task to seek out or find someone who will be with you throughout your solar system journey. There are so many factors that determine whether they are the ones you should choose.

  • It is easy to assume that they are the most effective. To prove it, check if they are delivering on their promises. We at AYKA Solar are here to help you change the game of solar panel installations in Australia.
  • AYKA Solar are solar installers who are proficient with multiple options for solar panel brands, batteries, and inverters.
  • A particular KW solar system that worked for your neighbours may not work for you.
  • To install a solar panel system, it is critical to identify the required energy and generation during the initial assessment.
  • Doing your research is helpful, but also overwhelming. It is advisable to leave it to the experts to help you decide the limitations of a particular brand, solar system, or size for your home or business.

If you searched for a solar installer near me, then your search has been fruitful

  • AYKA Solar is not just your local installer of solar panels, but also one of the leading providers of premium panels at a competitive price.
  • Affordability is indeed different for each Australian. Therefore discounts are offered to make it more accessible to all.
  • Their dream and vision are to fulfil the dreams of other Australians to build an efficiently working and emission-free home.
  • Solar system installations will also provide businesses with an easy method to save money. It enables them to care for the environment by generating their electricity.

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