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Hiring the Best Solar Panel Company In 2023

Best Solar Panel Company

Choosing the best solar panel company in Sydney can be a stressful decision. At AYKA Solar, we want you to have the most accurate and helpful information regarding which solar company you should go ahead with. Find out the factors one need to consider while choosing a solar installer in Sydney and what sets AYKA Solar apart from other solar installers that you would prefer.

How To Decide The Best Solar Panel Company in Sydney for your Installation?

So now you have decided to switch to solar energy and did some research about all the solar panels and inverters in the market. Supposedly you have chosen a solar panel company in Sydney for you, but don’t know about their experience yet and also if your house roof has a different angle than usual. How do you ensure your such valuable investment is handled with the professional and best solar company?

This will primarily vary from person to person as we all have different expectations from the people we work with. But still, here are some recommended criteria that you can follow when handing over your solar installation in someone else’s hands: 

  1. Ensure your solar panel company in Sydney is a Clean Energy Council member and has CEC accredited solar installers. This ensures that you have much experienced and reliable solar experts for your solar installation.
  1. Research the company’s reputation in the industry. Do they genuinely take time to understand your unique requirements, or are they forcing you into buying the wrong solar system? This is the most important thing to watch out for. The easiest yet essential way to know about a solar company’s reputation is to read their reviews from existing clients. See what our customers have to say about AYKA Solar here.
  1. Keep track of your solar installer’s experience level. How knowledgeable are the sales professionals? How long have they been in the solar business? The number of solar systems installed yet and experience with local permitting authorities is also essential to know. Designing your solar system according to your requirements and installing it professionally is equally important as knowing local ordinances and getting inspections passed. Another aspect to consider is whether the company has an in-house solar installation team or not. So, you would see the workmanship will be done well and has a good warranty for it.
  1. Find a solar installer in Sydney with expertise in home/electrical layout. Are the structure and electrical designs created in-house or outsourced? Check whether the solar installation team has in-depth knowledge of all the electrical wiring that needs to be done during installation? 
  1. Always get multiple quotes from different solar companies in Sydney. All the best solar companies will be more than happy to work with you during this process by confidently providing pricing and information on the install. Choose from the best once you are done with your research, as mentioned above. Keep all the points in mind and then finalize your solar installer. Not only this but getting a full-service quote will give insight into which companies offer follow-up maintenance and repairs. After service is as important as the service during installation. 

We specialise in residential solar panel installation and commercial solar panel installation. We have installed over 40,000+ panels and will continue to offer exceptional solar services over the coming years as more Australians take pleasure in the benefits of the solar energy system.

Do not think twice to get in touch with our fantastic team at AYKA Solar if you’d like to discover more about the expense of solar panel installation. Call us today and start your solar journey!

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