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Explore Hybrid Solar System, the Most Opted Solar System in Australia!

When we speak of hybrid, we know it has the best of whatever it is taken from. For example, you have plants that are hybrids. This means that either the colour, the type of leaf or the type of flower etc. will have the characteristics of the types of the plants that they are taken from. It is a blend and the best of both. Similarly, a hybrid solar system, has the qualities of both grid-tied and grid-tied systems.

Well, I would say that a hybrid solar system is the best of both the available systems and that it has the best qualities of both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. It is indeed special considering the existing systems, as its unique features make it to be the most opted and favourable panel system in Australia.

Hybrid Systems: Unique Or Just A Sham?

A hybrid solar system generates power the same way a common grid-tied solar system will generate but the speciality is that it uses hybrid inverters and batteries. Using this we can make sure to store the energy for a later purpose. 

To make it simpler, it is somewhat like a rainwater harvesting system. When you have excess rainwater pouring down from the sky you make sure to save it for future uses. In the same way, a battery is used to store the excess sunlight that your solar panel will be collecting and storing in batteries and making sure that they are useful in the future.

Let us see how a hybrid solar system is more favourable when compared to other types of solar systems. Explore and read about on-grid and off-grid systems.

In the Solar industry, the term hybrid means that it is a combination of batteries and solar panels. Generally, when we speak about solar panel installations, we have solar panels that collect the sunlight and transform them into direct current and a hybrid inverter that acts as a filter and makes the DC to AC. We can either make use of the DC by storing it in the form of a battery or connect it to a hybrid inverter. From a hybrid inverter it can join the grid or can also be used by the home appliances.

Do Hybrid Solar Systems Come With Or Without Batteries?

We can create a small equation that,

Hybrid solar system = Solar panel+battery

A hybrid inverter is fixed with the battery, which can be used in the future to store by charging them previously when using your solar panel system. So, does a typical hybrid solar system require a battery? Not exactly. It is a choice as hybrid inverters are quite expensive when compared to other types of solar systems. We can add a battery system later on after the installation or also customise and add it during the installation process as well. If you do not choose to add a battery, you can easily derive current from both the solar panel and the grid.

Why Did The Need To Store Sunlight In Batteries Arise?

Consider a very simple example; a torch that can be used when connected to a socket. The uses of these become limited when compared to the torch that can be portable after being charged. We are free to use them as we like and as much as we like when we charge them once and until the battery drains completely. The same is the case for a battery in a hybrid solar system. You save a lot more when your system is coupled with a battery. 

When you work at an office, the solar system installed at your home will not run and will not reach its full capacity or potential. Thus, using a battery will not only help you save power but also make sure to save the extra power for use at night. During the night when the cost of electricity is high, you do not have to worry about spending extra.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid Solar Systems

Advantages Of Hybrid Solar Systems:

  • Stores up excess electricity at a low cost, i.e. during the day.
  • Can spend stored power during the night during peak hours.
  • Is free of electricity cost fluctuations, electricity blackouts and load shedding.
  • You are convenient to use either way- by connecting to the grid or going off the grid.
  • With advancements in solar industries, inverters and batteries both come with backup power during blackouts and some of them even detect them in advance.
  • Partly Self-sufficient or completely self-sufficient.
  • Changes in the grid electricity do not affect you.
  • You can keep an eye on them and track your energy consumption and generation pattern using apps with just your fingertips.
  • You get a better return on investment when installing a hybrid solar system because of the number of batteries that you can go on adding to your solar panel system.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Solar Systems:

  • The cost of the hybrid systems becomes expensive as it is entitled to the cost of the batteries. 
  • Cannot rely on the basic inverter as it has no grid isolation device. This means that you cannot use it during a blackout.
  • On average the batteries have a warranty of about 10 years this means that your manufacturers expect the battery to run perfectly fine for up to 10 years. After which you do require to change them.
  • Even though there is a backup, we know that it is practically impossible to run every appliance in that. This means that our usage totally depends on the battery and how much we can save, the time of use and the type of equipment we want to run.
  • Even though hybrid solar systems seem like a very good option you are demanded to pay almost double the installation cost because of the extra batteries.

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