Tier 1 Solar Panels

What are Tier-1 Solar Panels

Solar power is generally acknowledged as an easy as well as reliable method to reduce your CARBON DIOXIDE discharges while generating energy and also reduce electricity bills, power expenses; however, not all Tier-1 Solar Panels solar panel systems are equal. Some aren’t created to cope with Australia’s heat; others do not deliver similar performance. A badly carried out solar system will limit your sustainability and also economic return. The best method to secure your financial investment is to select top-quality solar products in Australia.

Photovoltaic solar panel manufacturers are ranked right into three tiers, 1-3. Tier 1 solar panel makers gain the top position by verifying themselves to be secure as well as reliable as well as they supply the best worth products on the market. In Simple words, its a ranking system determined on the basis of quality of production, distribution and quality of the product. Among the photovoltaic panel manufacturers around the world, only a small percentage have actually achieved the top ranking. AYKA Solar sets up and also sells tier 1 solar panel products, providing you the satisfaction of receiving high-quality products that will supply the most effective return on investment.

Our 6.6 kW solar system solution is created for the demands of Australian families and small business owners: reliable, climate immune, and capable of satisfying your energy demands every day.

How tier 1 solar panels and tier 2, and tier 3 are ranked?

tier 1 solar panel

It is essential to note that just a tiny percentage of the globe’s solar panel producers achieve Tier 1 position. Photovoltaic panel manufacturers are ‘placed’ into three tiers. Photovoltaic Tier 1 solar panels are panels that are made by huge brands that have a great reputation in the market. As these firms have usually been around for more fabulous than a couple of years, you’re a great deal safer investing in Tier 1 solar panels companies than Tier 2 or 3.

One of the most leading tiered systems for solar manufacturers is orchestrated by the Bloomberg New Power Money Company (BNEF). BNEF generated this tiered ranking to interact with the bankability of photovoltaic panel makers. 

That does not suggest those solar panels are necessarily the highest quality or the best panels out there, if you opt for a solar panel maker in tier 1. It implies there have actually been a considerable amount of financial institutions that really feel comfortable enough with the producer to purchase their panels. Tier 2 panels are not necessarily of a lower quality, however there have not been enough financial institutions willing to invest in jobs with them.

Difference between Tier 1, 2, and 3 Solar Panels?

Tier 1, tier 2 , tier 3 panels are determined based on the manufacturers and manufacturing process of solar panels. Whenever you go to the market to buy an electronic item, you want to ensure it’s well made, has a good track record for integrity, and, most importantly, will have a long-lasting high efficiency. It’s the same with solar panels. 

Just in these circumstances, you intend to see to it that the modules that are positioned on your roofing keep producing electrical energy for their approximate lifespan (25 – 30 years) with a good warranty. AYKA solar offers you the selection of these solar panels and various other brands that meet the finest quality and supply the very best guarantees.

A few years earlier, choosing a photovoltaic panel was reasonably straightforward. As there were less options to choose from, Yet in today’s world, many companies have come and gone, mergers have taken place, and also modern technology has been changed and improved all over the world, it is increasingly challenging to determine what’s an excellent photovoltaic panel over an existing one.

To settle this issue and so that buyers are completely aware of what they’re buying, the solar panel sector generated a tiered classification: Tier 1, Tier 2, and also Tier 3.

Normally speaking, Photovoltaic Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers are specified into following:

  • Have their own Research and development team
  • Focused on manufacturing good quality and performance panels
  • Have their own production house 
  • Are either publicly provided on a stock exchange or have a strong and stable annual report;
  • Have actually been producing solar panels for three to five years or even more;
  • Create huge quantities of panels annually

Several Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers include Trina, Longi, RECCanadian Solar, Hanwha, and LG.

A Tier 2 producer is a kind of newcomer manufacturer or, frequently, a tiny or medium-scale manufacturer that doesn’t have Research and Development (R&D) activities. Tier 2 manufacturers purchase wafers, which are also known as solar cells, from a Tier 1 producer. Not all the processes are automated in a Tier 2 firm; some are done by human beings, enabling greater risk of mistake.

Tier 3 firms are known as an assembler. 90% of brand-new solar companies are Tier 3 solar manufacturers. These entities do not manufacture solar cells as well as only make use of human production lines for hands-on soldering of those they buy from various other producers, allowing for a greater possibility of problems later.

Why Are Tier 1 Solar Panels More Expensive?

Tier 1 panels provide Longer and better service warranties. Tier 1 businesses have a far better manufacturing process; therefore, chances of mistakes are significantly less. If there ever is a quality problem, they will repair it.

They don’t allow any faulty item to harm this brand name. If a firm has actually invested an enormous amount of cash in advertising its brand name, why would the company take the risk of losing consumers’ faith in bad-quality products? 

That’s why they will generally consist of more extended warranties with these panels, both for the product and its efficiency. The workmanship warranty on solar panels covers any physical problems that come from production mistakes, such as flaws in the structure of glass, loose junction boxes, damaged connectors, negative cells or harmed cells, as well as defective back sheets.

The majority of solar panels included a 25-year efficiency service warranty. This is the industry standard from Tier 1 suppliers at the moment.

That’s why Tier 1 photovoltaic panels are commonly 10-30% much more expensive than tier 2 as well as tier 3 photovoltaic panels.

Tier 1 Solar Panels List 2024

JA Solar
Trina Solar
Canadian Solar
First Solar
Haitai New Energy
SunPower/ Maxeon
VSUN Solar
LG Electronics

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