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The 6.6kW Solar System Caught Your Eye?

AYKA is robust, user-tested and convenient. Reducing carbon footprint starts at home. Take a step to make our Australia greener, for the future. Get a solution for your needs today! No upfront costs, reduce your emissions and bills to 0% by the end of the year, Lighter Bills, Brighter Future. Choose Solar, Choose AYKA.

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4.9 Star Google Ratings

100,000+ Panels Installed

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Is The 6.6kw Solar System Right for Your Energy Requirements?

To determine if this is the best system size for you, we first need to discover your regular day-to-day electrical energy usage. If your regular daily consumption drops in between 22 to 28kWh, a 6.6 kW System would undoubtedly be a good fit. As in the 6.6 kW, the Solar energy System would, on average, produce a comparable quantity of power corresponding to what you are making use of daily. Make sure you use all your heavy appliances during the daytime, so you consume all the electricity when it is being generated and reduce your electricity consumption at night, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Why Choose Us

AYKA Solar

We are CEC Approved Solar Retailer; Solar panel and battery installation must be done by CEC Approved Solar Installer, making you eligible for a solar panel rebate.

4.9 Star Google Rating

We have 100% happy reviews of more than thousands of customers across Australia, More than 100,000 solar panels installed and over 1000 Of batteries installed.

100,000 Plus Solar Panels Installed

AYKA Solar has successfully installed over 100,000 high-quality solar panels throughout Australia. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of over 3,000 satisfied families, who have turned to us for their solar power needs.

Excellent Customer Support

AYKA Solar gives you high-quality support for all your queries and problems, and be ensured that we are merely a phone call away from making your solar investments secure and worthwhile.


100,000+ Panel Installed

Our most in-demand packages are 6.6 kW and 10 kW systems for households. For the commercial setups, we also offer and design larger packages as needed to fulfill energy demand. Quality is the part and parcel and a priority at AYKA Solar. Our packages are flexible and consists of #1 brands for solar panels, batteries and inverters. They last you for many years after they have paid for themselves.

To make everything even easier, we offer financing. Through the low cost financing, you can spread the payment over 12 months, but the savings on your electricity bills start from day one!

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