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Getting Started With a 10 kW Solar Panel System

Being one of the largest residential solar power systems you can install in your home, the 10kW solar system is a staple among many of our Residential and Commercial clients. The 10kW solar power system on average can produce 37kWh of electricity per day; given that the output varies due to the solar system’s location, the panel’s array tilt angle, and orientation. The system can run appliances of a large 5+ bedroom home, including all lights, televisions, laptops, refrigerators, washer, dryer, central air conditioning and a pool pump. However, it is to be noted that the 10kW system output varies as per the seasons.

A 10kW solar system aka the 10kW solar system is usually paired with 27 to 33 panels. It all depends on the wattage of each panel. 

Say, you’re using a 370w solar panel; 28 x 370w solar panels will give you a 10.36kW solar system. If you remove a panel, you will achieve a 10kW solar system! 

It’s that simple!

10 kW Solar System Installation Cost

The cost of solar installations vary as per the solar product you choose, the solar manufacturer who makes them and the state you’re in. Our 10kW systems vary in price based on the package you choose.

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Size & Build of a 10kw Solar System

The size and specifications of your solar system will depend on the type of solar panels you use. The most commonly used panels are 1.6m x 1m in size. Panels installed these days range from 275 watts to 350 watts.

How Much Roof Space Do You Need For a 10kW System?

To produce 10 kilowatts of solar energy using 72-cell panels of 350 watts will require 28 solar panels. This would need 44.8m2 of roof space and generate 9,800 watts (making it a 9.8kW system).

For systems with 60 cell panels of 300 watts you will need 33 panels. 33 panels will utilize 52.8m2 of roof space and generate 9,900 watts of solar energy (making this a 10kW system).Having a look at these examples, one can deduce that the roof space will vary depending on the cell count of a solar panel. Loosely, a 10kW system will need about 28 to 36 panels which will cover about 44m2 and 58m2.

Savings With a 10 kW Solar System

To get the best value for your money, you should consume most of the electricity that you produce.Sure! you can send the excess electricity back into the grid and reduce your energy bill but the feed-in tariff rate will prevent you from doing just that. Meaning that you will get a greater return from your system if you’re consuming the majority of the electricity that you produce.

The true value for your money comes after the payback period which is the time taken by your system to pay for its cost of investment. The average payback time for 10kW systems is about 4 years.

Our solar systems will efficiently work for about 10-25 years. This guarantees that for 10-25 years, our solar systems will provide you with direct profit through your massively reduced energy bills. We assure you that you will get best performance and massive saving with 10 kW solar system with us.

Increase The Value of Your Investment

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter determines the level of efficiency of your solar system as a whole. The efficiency is based on how much solar power can be converted into usable electricity. To improve your ROI and to increase the value of your solar system, you must purchase a high grade solar inverter from a reliable manufacturer. For more information on the best solar inverters, visit our Solar Inverter Brands page.

Solar Batteries

If you’re thinking about investing in a 10kW solar system, then getting a solar battery storage device along with it is a must. Solar storage capacity ensures that your venture is safeguarded and no energy is lost. Solar batteries allow you to store your electricity instead of relying on the lower feed-in tariff rates. This in turn leaves you with more electricity for your consumption, thereby giving you the highest value and return on investment. For more information on the best solar battery brands, check out our Solar Battery Brands page.

Solar Rebates

The Australian Government subsidies and state rebate initiatives can significantly lower the upfront cost of your 10kW solar system. Not only does this make solar energy more affordable, but it also reduces the payback period of your system. This means that your system becomes lucrative and gives you a greater return on investment thereby improving the overall value of your system. For more information on the latest rebates available to you check out our Solar Rebates page.

Feed-in Tariffs

A feed-in tariff is an amount given by the government to homeowners (and other energy developers) for the electricity they produce. The feed-in tariff rates vary as per the state you’re in, the choice of your energy provider and the plan you’re on. The amount you can save from the electricity you send to the grid will also depend on whether you choose a time-varying tariff or a fixed rate.

Is 10kw The Right Solar System for Me?

Understanding what size system is the right fit for you is a complex process if you try and overthink it.

If you’re a large user of electricity spending greater than $590 per quarter, then the 10kW solar system is the best fit for you. The system will provide enough electricity to help you cut down your electricity spendings.

It is recommended that you audit your current electricity usage habits, if you’re looking to maximize the returns from your solar system. Identify the heavy appliances that consume the most amount of power and chalk out a plan that ensures that these machineries are used only during the day(when the solar energy is at its maximum).

If you’re still confused as to what you should do, it’s best to consult an Ayka Solar expert that will help you solve all your queries.

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