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Install Solar System and Get Government Rebate

In a bid to encourage Australians to go solar and take control of their energy bills, the Federal and State Government has initiated an “Australia Solar Rebate Scheme” to help households and businesses reduce the cost of installing solar power systems at their premises.

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Why Does The Government Offer Rebates For Solar?

Solar systems are being promoted by the Australian federal government as a means to generate green energy. The government aims at achieving the maximum sustainable energy goal by the year 2050. In order to encourage the citizens to utilise solar power, the Australian government offers incentives to those who buy solar systems, residential solar as well as commercial solar.

Will The Rebates Go Down With Time?

This government rebate scheme took effect in the year 2017 when the incentives were the highest. The incentives decrease by 1/15th every year and the scheme will end in the year 2030.

That means, the more you delay getting a solar system, the smaller your rebate will be. The best time to put solar panels on your roof is NOW.

What Are Australian Government Incentives (Rebates)?

The Australian government offers incentives through STC.

Solar buyers get STC or Small-Scale Technology Certificates through the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme of the government. These STC have monetary value and can be used towards the payment for pv solar panels, inverter and battery purchase.

What Do You Need To Do To Qualify For The Rebates?

When you buy and install a solar system, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork to get this incentive money. In order to qualify for the rebate, your solar panels, inverter, and battery needs to be approved by  the Clean Energy Council ( CEC). Your installer also needs to be CEC accredited. CEC website has the list of approved solar panels, inverters, batteries and also installers. The list offers many options to suit all budgets

How Much Rebate Will I Get Through The STC?

Depending on the size, expected life of the system and your zone you get a certain amount of money towards the installation of your solar system.  To get an idea of how much rebate you get, let’s calculate them for a certificate value of $37 each. Let’s assume you’ll get a 6.6 kW system and be eligible for 82 certificates. 

That means you will be able to save 82 X $37 = $3034 for the entire system.  Considering that the typical cost of a 6.6 kW system is about 6,000 to 9,000 you will be saving ~50% to 33%. This price is an example, the price of each certificate and solar system can fluctuate depending on the demand for those certificates and the solar market.

What Are The NSW Government Incentives?

The NSW government has a great commitment to renewable energy and offers Interest free loans for solar purchases. It also provides help to lower income families to obtain a solar system. Batteries are an important part of the overall solar energy solution. Millions of solar systems with batteries connected to the grid act like a distributed power generation system. This helps lower the peak demand and allows the grid to handle fluctuations smoothly.

What Are The Interest Free Loans Offered By The Government Of NSW?

The interest free loans offered by the Energy Saver program have helped many homeowners buy a new solar system in NSW without breaking the bank. If qualified, you can get up to $14,000 loan to buy solar panels, inverter and battery system for your home. This interest free loan has a generous pay off time as long as 8 years.

Will You Get An Interest Free Loan To Add A Battery To Your Solar System?

Those  with a pre-existing solar system can also benefit from this no interest loan by the NSW government; as it can also be used to fit a battery to your solar system. The Empowering Homes Solar Battery Loan offers upto $ 9000 to qualifying homeowners which can be repaid in upto 10 years. 

With a solar battery so affordable, you can extend your power savings into the night and be self sufficient.

Is It Possible To Get A Free Solar System?

The NSW government has even more attractive offers for the low income families.  You can get a free 3 kW solar system in NSW if you meet the eligibility criteria.

State government’s assistance, combined with the federal incentives has made buying a solar system affordable for all budgets.

How Do I Get Solar Rebate NSW?

The good news is that when you buy a solar system from us, we do all the paperwork for you, and discount the incentive amount from your payment to us. So all you need to do is, buy a solar system and we make sure that you get all the government rebate that you deserve.

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