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How To Find A Trusted Off-Grid Solar System Provider In Australia?

Even before we dive deep into the best option for you, let me briefly explain what an off-grid solar system is and how it is beneficial and also how different it is from the grid-connected. With the multiple options available for an off-grid solar system, inverters, power and batteries, AYKA Solar has a lot to offer according to your situation and need.

We will help you constantly in the selection process, not just in the very beginning but throughout the journey. Explore the varied range of off-grid solar systems available. Every installation is a unique process and that is why let us help you design it exclusively for your taste and your requirements. 

Which Off Grid Solar System Is Right For You?

There are so many options for off-grid solar, solar batteries, solar power and storage. The right system for you will depend on your energy situation, your location and what you want to achieve. To get you started, choose from the options below.

Shed Solar System

It is a stand-alone but smaller off-grid solar power system. If you have the requirement to power just a couple of lights, electronics or equipment and a fridge Shed Solar System is the solution. It is ideal for your shed or workshop which does not have a huge requirement for electricity.

Capacity: 4-8 kWh

It is compatible and compact and fits everywhere! Useful to power your areas of interest using this system like a workshop, sheds, hobby room etc.

Key features:

Essential Solar System

It is a basic stand-alone off-grid solar system. It can be used to power small homes and holiday cottages where there is lesser power consumption. 

Capacity: 5-10 kWh

Even when you enjoy a holiday, you do not have to worry extensively about power consumption. With this system, it is sustainable to power a holiday house during the day and also maintain the necessary load for night consumption.

Key features:

Complete Solar System

It is also a stand-alone but one of the exclusive, adaptable and popular off-grid solar systems. It can be widely utilised to power medium residences, farms, small businesses and even stations. 

Capacity: 15-30 kWh

You do not have to go extremely sparing with your energy consumption, instead, you can spend it extensively. You are bound to enjoy a trustworthy power for your extravagant lifestyle.

Key features:

Comprehensive Solar System

It is the biggest off-grid solar power system. It can fulfil the huge requirement of energy in multiple buildings or an establishment.

Capacity: 40+ kWh

It can power a large farm, property, stations, housing developments of considerable size, businesses and establishments. It offers you AC- coupled technology for large penthouses and luxury villas.

Key features:

Autonomy Solar System

It is an on-grid solar power system that can fulfil the requirement of energy for the whole. It has a broader range of capacity and has the capacity and the output to make your bill reduce to nill. It can power more equipment and equipment with no regard to the size and even provides you with blackout protection completely. 

Capacity: 8-980 kWh

It is beneficial to houses that would want to be independent with the energy consumption and production and go off the grid completely.

Key features:

Off Grid Solar System And Its Numerous Advantages

  • Going off the grid will give you better control over the amount of energy you generate and use making you more self-reliant.
  • Benefit in rural areas where there is no proper grid connection. You can solely depend on the off-grid solar system to power your business or your home. 
  • Using a solar battery to store your electricity will provide you with flexibility and also use energy during the night.
  • You don’t have to break your head during power outages and blackouts. Off-grid solar systems are manufactured and programmed in such a way that they will provide you with immediate backup to cope with the situation. Adding an extra battery storage system will only make your life easier on such occasions. 
  • The easy installation process will give you a seamless experience when switching to solar power with AYKA Solar.
  • Satisfactory results and helpful to the environment. If there is constant guilt that is nudging you about doing your bit for the environment, then going solar can be an important and prominent step. You may not have witnessed anyone who is unsatisfied with having installed an on-grid solar system

With the right people to guide you throughout your journey, going off-grid is always an easier alternative when compared to electricity that emits carbon dioxide leading to global warming.

AYKA Solar has remarkable expertise in the field of sustainable energy and off-grid solar system. With a customer base spread throughout Australia and 50,000+ solar system installations, we have been rated as a 4.9* installer in Australia. The path you choose to be sustainable may not be easy initially, but we will make it extremely easy and pocket friendly.

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