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What's included in 13.3kW Solar System Packages?

Kw Solar Panel

Solar Panels

34 X 390W Premium Solar Panels

  • Premium Solar Module
  • Reputed Tier-1 Solar Panel
  • High Efficiency Solar Module
  • 25 Years of Panel Linear Output Warranty

Solar Inverter

1 X 10kw Solis Inverter

  • High Efficiency
  • Proven Track Record
  • Online Monitoring (optional)
  • 5 + 5 Years Extended Inverter Warranty
Solis Inverter 1Phase To 3Phase 13.3Kw Solar System

Solar Installation

13.3kW Solar System Installation

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • Professionally Trained for Solar Installation
  • Experts with Tons of Experience.
  • Fast Turn Around

Is The 13.3kw Solar System Right For Your Energy Requirements?

  • To determine if 13.3kW solar system is the best system size for you, we first need to discover your regular day-to-day electrical energy usage. This information is easily available on your latest quarterly power bill. 
  • If your regular daily consumption drops in between 32 to 42kWh, a 13.3 kW System would undoubtedly be a good fit. A 13.3kW solar system is enough to sustain any home on average. The 13.3kW Solar System would, on average, produce a comparable quantity of power corresponding to what you are making use of daily. 
  • Make sure you use all your heavy appliances during the daytime, so you consume all the electricity when it is being generated by the solar panel system and reduce your electricity consumption at night, resulting in lower electricity bills.


In regards to genuine cost savings from having a 13.3kW solar system on the roofing; the results wholly depend on just how efficiently you utilize the solar power being produced and also what type of Feed-in Tariff– (means the excess energy that you do not consume and is sent back to your power grid) contract you have in place with your Electricity retailer. 

Our team of solar experts will always give you the estimated savings you will be making with your solar energy system. The solar panel quote will specify your approximated annual savings. Get yourself the best quality system in 2022! 

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