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Solar Rebate!

Switch to solar for commercial success

Take advantage of up to  $50,000 rebates by making the switch to solar for your commercial success. This financial incentive not only lowers your initial investment but also sets your business to a path of cost-cutting savings and environmental responsibility.

Take a step towards your business’s commercial success.

  • Experience lesser payback time.

  • Protect your business against changing utility rates.

  • Avail various government rebates and incentives.

  • Be an energy independent business.

  •  Maintain financial stability- less operational costs

  • A reliable asset and low-maintainance 

  • Upgrade your corporate image

  • Accelerate operational hours

  • Reduce monthly overhead costs

How can switching to solar can benefit your business?

Premium Brands

Premium brands can lead to an improvement in energy production efficiency, saving up to more than lifetime saving of $5,000.

Save 90% on energy bills

Unlock high energy production and efficiency, resulting up to $35,000 to $50,000 or more annual savings.

Brand Recognition

Get global recognition for your business by showcasing commitment to sustainability.

Tax Advantages

Boost your financial returns with government incentives save huge on your taxes.

Increased Property Value

Switching to Solar can enhance the value of your property and give you hefty returns.

Lesser Greenhouse Emissions

Be a eco-warrior and contribute to the battle against global warming and reduce carbon footprints.

High Rates of Return on Investment

Achieve remarkable rates of return on your investments, maximizing financial growth.

Low Maintainance costs

Solar panels are easy to maintain and can possibly save $2,000 to $5,000 per year.

Our Commercial Solar Projects

Kay Dee Trading Pvt Ltd

96.25kW Installation

PBS Building (NSW) Pvt Ltd

39.84kW Installation

Zorawar Homes Pvt Ltd

20.24kW Installation

Aarti Fabrication Pvt Ltd

30.6kW Installation


38.7kW Installation

Martin's Fruit World

39.22kW Installation

Why Choose AYKA SOLAR?

CEC Accredited Solar Retailer

We are happy to possess the coveted CEC accreditation at AYKA Solar, certifying us as a recognized and reputable solar provider in Australia.

Quality Assurance

We don't simply sell solar panels; we handpick the highest quality products to give you with unrivaled performance and dependability.

High Quality Installations

Having rigorously tested numerous products and brands, we guarantee the best value in solar panels. With over 80 million panels already installed across Australia, choosing AYKA Solar is a smart business move.

No Hidden Cost

"AYKA Solar guarantees transparency." We guarantee 'no hidden expenses' in our pricing, providing company owners with straightforward, honest, and cost-effective solutions."

Solar system as per your Business need

Small and Medium Businesses

(Save Upto $3,810/year)
  • 72 Panels x 415W= 29.88kW
  •  Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 30kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Large Corporations

(Save Upto $6,045/year)
  • 120 Panels x 415W= 49.80kW
  •  Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 50kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Power Guzzlers

(Save Upto $11,618/year)
  • 240 Panels x 415W= 99.60kW
  •  Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 110kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Assured Solar Revenue Maximizing your investment

A: It indicates that your solar investment saves more money than it costs, resulting in a positive financial return.

A:SAF Funding, Capital Purchase, Lease/Chattel Mortgage, or a Power Purchase Agreement are all effective financing solutions.

A: SAF Funding is a financing solution that allows businesses to install solar with no upfront costs and begin saving right away.

A: It grants outright ownership of the solar system, resulting in long-term cost savings and potential tax benefits.

A: A PPA allows businesses to purchase solar power at a cheaper cost than grid electricity, resulting in immediate cost savings.

Get a free session with our solar expert today!

Speak with our skilled solar expert today to receive guidance for your solar energy. Our top technicians and expert would be happy to be of service to you.

Government grants and Incentives for businesses

Commercial solar projects play an important role in decreasing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability in the constantly expanding sector of renewable energy. Various certifications and incentives are offered to stimulate the use of solar energy systems by offering financial support, lowering installation costs, producing additional revenue, and contributing to environmental sustainability.
Here, we look at the benefits of three important certificates: STCs, LGCs, and VEECS, as well as real-world examples of how they affect commercial solar projects in Victoria (VIC) and New South Wales (NSW).

Peace of mind with 24/7 aftercare

Take a sigh of relief once you have securely installed your solar with our help.

We have been entrusted with 80,000 solar installations and are loved by Australia. We would be happy to introduce you to our solar community. We assure you complete support and guidance aftermath of your solar installations. You enjoy our 24/7 customer support with our certified skilled solar professional.

Solar Panel's 8 STEP PROCESS

1. Energy Data Analysis

We gain a thorough grasp of your energy habits, needs, and bills.

2. Solar Feasibility Analysis

We evaluate the financial benefits of solar or storage for your company.

3. Sales Engineering

Our solar expert team inspects your place to determine the best option.

4. Finance and Sales

Help you design the perfect and affordable solar plan for your industry. Also, guide you through government rebates and incentives.

5. Project Administration

We are in charge of the whole engineering, procurement, and construction of the solar system.

6. Quality Control

To ensure dependable performance, we use demanding commissioning and testing procedures.

7. Services

Our team plans a structured monitoring program and guide, and hands over the system for your easy access.

8. Customer Service

Clients receive thorough monthly reports and are supported by our dedicated customer support team even aftermath of installation.

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