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5 Tips To Pick The Best Solar Company In Sydney

Best Solar Company In Sydney

Switching to solar can be a wise and a big decision. The important question is – which Sydney-based solar company should I choose to install my solar panel system ? There are many quality Solar Companies Sydney-wide to choose from. The task of picking the best solar company for you can become overwhelming.

So, in order to help make your decision easier, here are five tips you should consider when deciding on solar companies.

1. Is The Solar Company Experienced In Quality Installations?

As solar energy is still a new industry, it’s challenging to know which companies you can rely on. Many small solar installers over the years have entered the solar market but still lack in having proper expertise in the renewable energy sector. You may receive cheap equipment from these companies that perform less than standard installations and, eventually, will cost you more in the future. When the decision is about your solar investment, the last thing you want to deal with is a shady solar installer in Sydney.

A reliable solar company will inform the customer of how long they have been in business and also share their customer reviews

2. Do they provide you a solar system tailored to your energy requirements?

If you partner with a reliable solar company in Sydney, you’ll see that their main concern is pairing you with the best solar panels Sydney-wide that match your energy requirements. Unfortunately, it’s common to find shady solar companies that can mislead you and cheat about your energy requirements. For example, a solar company may convince you that you need a 10kW system, but you can do just fine with a 6kW system. This ruins the brand reputation and the trust that you as a customer puts into any solar company.

At AYKA Solar our solar experts will provide you a solar solution that meets your household energy requirements. We will provide you a customized solar system has to offer, according to the position of your roof, the shade you have around your home, and which direction receives maximum sunlight.

3. Do they have top-quality brands with the best prices?

As we have stated earlier, it’s in your best interest to steer clear of solar companies that can rip you off with poor quality brands. How can a company match you with quality products that suit your specific needs if they don’t have various brands? A good solar company in Sydney will always provide you with multiple quotes and advice that suits your needs in your budget.

Products are different from each other by factors such as size, price, and warranty. A reliable solar company knows how important it is to offer top-quality products to cater to the different needs of their customers.

Our team of solar experts ensures that our customers have access to the top brands in the industry suited to your budget. You can compare all the Solar panels Sydney cost; we offer high-performance solar PV panels that produce exceptional results and reduce your energy bills for the best prices in the market. 

4. Are you assured 24×7 support after installation?

Let’s say your solar installation is done correctly, and it’s working perfectly fine, but one day your solar system switches off, and you can’t get it to switch back on. You don’t know what exactly happened, and you are confused with zero solar power to serve your home. This sounds like an awful scenario and, even if the chance to happen is very low, you have to make sure the solar company in Sydney you’ve chosen provides all-time support.

At AYKA, we have a specialized team for the post-installation support of your solar systems. If any unexpected problem arises, we are ready to resolve it for you anytime. You will also get monitoring services. Through these, you can monitor the performance of your system from your smartphone or desktop. We are just one call away from you!

5. Do they have their own installation team? Are they a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC)?

In Australia, it’s essential to make sure the solar company you’re dealing have their own installers. A solar installer that is a CEC member means they’ve completed the relevant quality and safety qualifications regarding the installation of solar systems Sydney. Also, if you want to access the government incentives, a CEC accredited installer must do the installation. 

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