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A-Z about Solar Panel Warranty

25-year solar panel warranty! What does it signify? Warranties play an imperative role during the solar system installation process.

Although the solar panel warranty numbers might seem mesmerizing, are they worth it? 

How does a solar system warranty differ from the rest of the warranty for inverter or installation? Even though adding more years seems like a sensible move, how many years of actual solar panel warranty do you require? 

Learn how different warranties affect the quality and installation of your solar system.

Warranties and their significance during solar system installation

Solar panels with a 25-year solar panel warranty might make consumers feel butterflies. The value of other companies or solar PV installers might seem small when hearing huge numbers from other companies or dealers.

Consumers are always looking for all possible ways to extend the life of their solar photovoltaic panels. Adding a random number to the warranty will not change how well the solar system and the other parts involved work. Nor does adding a larger number contribute more to the actual working condition of the whole solar system.

There are different types of solar panel warranty to consider?

Is it just word play by using words like performance warranty, product warranty, etc.? No! There is indeed a huge difference between each of them. 

See the following table for a better understanding.

Type of warranty

Total Years


Panel Performance Warranty


It is based on the industry standard and provided by the manufacturer.

Panel Product Warranty


It is standard and yet distinctive from one manufacturer to another.

Inverter Warranty


Depends on the manufacturer you are opting for. It can go over 10 years

Installation Warranty


Depends solely on the installer. It can go over 10 years

Let us dig into the details and understand what a solar panel warranty means.

1. Panel Performance Warranty:

Solar Cells are covered by the performance warranty, which comes under solar panel warranty. In this context, the cells are guaranteed not to degrade for 25 years. 

Even though it is wordplay, it has been the most popular marketing gimmick that several manufacturers use to attract more sales. They might also add terms that the performance of their solar panel will only deteriorate by 10% in the first ten years and so on. The performance warranty is dependent on several other factors, so you have to trust the brand quality.

The most crucial warranty will be for your product, which is a panel product warranty.

2. Panel Product Warranty:

Defective solar panels are covered by a panel product warranty. It is intended for manufacturing or workmanship defects related to solar panel installation. This is something that is provided by a manufacturer and not a retailer or a solar system company.

  • Even though the panels aren’t very susceptible to defects during the manufacturing process, it is always wise to be cautious. There might be a black sheep among all the good panels. It could account for a decrease in the efficiency of your whole solar system. Such minor problems can easily be resolved through the product warranty. 
  • It is always wise to ask about it and take note of what kind of warranty your solar system installer is offering you. Don’t get too excited when you hear about a 25-year solar panel warranty. 
  • There are also several ways in which we can claim your Solar panel warranty effectively. If you are a solar orphan, you should also make sure to approach your insurance company or the manufacturer of your solar panel directly and claim from them.
  • It is advisable to do your research if you are looking for the most effective solar panels. 
  • Instead of falling into the trap of numbers, it is prudent to ask around and search for information related to the company. This will help you to determine and conclude from their solar panel manufacturer unit and how much they are producing. 
  • Be sure to note how long they have been in the solar energy market.  
  • Stay away from newly established players, as you do not want to risk your one-time investment in the wrong hands. 
3. Inverter Warranty:

If an inverter is worth the investment, it will always be covered by an inverter warranty. It is also the most important warranty of all. This is only because inverters are susceptible to failure as they work at high voltage all day long. 

  • The warranty of the inverter depends on the manufacturer providing it. It can range from 5-10 years typically and is completely customizable for different brands. 
  • For the solar panel warranty to be valid, it is imperative to find a qualified installer with an understanding of the rules and regulations. 
  • When installing an inverter, make sure that there is adequate ventilation and room for the heat to escape, as these factors are also essential. 
  • During the initial installation, you might think that an inverter warranty is not that important. However, when it comes to the installation of a solar panel system, the inverter warranty is also crucial.
  • Some manufacturers also make sure to include a replacement in their warranty. 
  • You must be aware of the warranty period, the background of the manufacturing company and how long they have been in the industry. 
  • Be aware of who will provide you with service during the solar panel warranty period, as well as the service centres. 

All this information can consume a lot of time, and it is highly recommended to always get in touch with a Clean Energy Council-certified installer like AYKA Solar. You can also find a Certified installer from the CEC Website!

When dealing with professional installers, you do not have to worry about anything at all. Especially with AYKA Solar, you get the benefit of relaxing while they do the work, the research, and estimate your requirements. They then install every single part of the equipment to fit your budget and your home, and look after your solar panel warranty.

4. Installation Warranty:

Never underestimate the power of warranties. Installation warranty is the last but not the least type of warranty. In the event of a breakdown, it comes in handy and can be used to claim cashback or replacements.  

  • Make sure to read the privacy policy to confirm if your situation falls under the category of their claims. 
  • It is also crucial to know how much the warranty covers in case of a complete breakdown. 
  • Additionally, the number of years in an installation warranty is an account of the quality of the installation. 
  • Furthermore, check out if the cables and components they will use for your installation are covered by a warranty.
  • There is a high probability that the installation warranty can vary with regard to installers. Clear your tiny doubts regarding the call-out fees, installation fees and how much will the warranty cover if a defect arises after installation etc.


Back to base warranty: It is also a type under the solar panel warranty that covers the defects that come with the purchase. This indicates that if there was a fault in the manufactured product, it will be covered. Whatever was installed must be replaced or repaired, and you certainly do not want to pay double for installation.

Don’t forget to read all paperwork before signing, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions if anything is unclear. It is advisable to consult with reliable installers to get answers to all your queries. Call now and schedule and get a free quote!

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