Can We Use Solar Panels Without a Battery?

Solar Panels Without a Battery

With all of the solar battery buzz, you might be wondering if they’re important solar equipment. Can you use solar panels on your house with no battery? The short answer is, yes you can. There are benefits of having a solar battery backup in certain conditions. However, it’s not essential for everyone.

Listed below are some situations in which solar with a battery might help, and a few in which opting for simple rooftop solar panels could be the best way for you.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems 

Early in the morning, before sunrise or when daylight is still faint and during the night,are times with lower solar panel production and higher energy needs. You are just starting your day and have to run all the heavy appliances for the day. That is when you’ll want loads of power, but solar panel production is just getting momentum.

Throughout these times (particularly at night time), people with a solar power system often draw energy from the grid, which acts as a large energy backup system. When the sun’s shining, you utilize your fresh, solar-generated energy; when it is not, you draw from the grid.

This is known as a grid-tied solar system. 

You will probably produce much more energy than you need when the sun is shining fully. You will be able to send that extra power back to the grid and earn some money back.

Hybrid Solar Systems: When a Battery is Most Useful

A battery backup system may turn out to be advantageous the most for people who

  • Live in areas with an unreliable power grid
  • Live in an area with numerous natural disasters

If your goal is to be fully independent of the grid, a battery might be your answer. 

Hybrid solar systems are basically systems with battery storage but also still connected to grid. The batteries are available for you when the grid goes down and you can use the energy stored in the battery backup. If your own solar and battery generation is not sufficient, you will have grid power to draw from.

Off-Grid Solar System

When you install an off-grid solar system, you are not at all connected to the grid, and completely independent. For those who reside in a remote, isolated area with no central utility grid, you’ll require a solar battery storage device to store your solar energy for later use. So, you can use your solar energy whenever you need.

When You May Not Need a Solar Battery

When you’re fine with drawing the power from the grid and not particularly worried about energy outages, you might not want a battery. If your area doesn’t face any power outages often, and you aim to pull back energy from the grid, and also send it back when you have extra produced solar energy, there is no need for a solar battery backup. By sending back extra energy you can also earn some money back.

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