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Solar Panel System- What It Is & How To Make The Most Out Of It!

A solar system is an integral part to harness the power of the sun to our benefit. It is primarily made up of 3 basic components namely the solar panels, a solar battery and a solar inverter.

Being the most critical part of a solar power system, a solar panel captures the solar radiation/energy and creates electricity(Direct Current) and passes this electricity to the inverter. The inverter then, converts this Direct current or DC electricity into alternating current or AC electricity. It can be used for your everyday needs. The generated leftover electricity can be stored in the solar battery. It can also be sent back to the grid to avail compensation for the amount of electricity you shared.

Solar panels are most often used to generate electricity for homes and businesses. They can also be used to heat water or generate electricity for cars or other vehicles. Solar system in Australia refers collectively to roof-mounted or ground-mounted photovoltaic systems designed to generate electricity for residential, commercial or industrial use.

There are three types solar panel system

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The need of the hour to switch to Solar System in Australia!

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to solar energy usage. In fact, Australia has the highest per capita uptake of rooftop solar PV systems in the world with 810W/Person.

With an increasing focus on renewable energy, the Australian government is assisting many homes and businesses in turning to solar systems to help reduce the country’s carbon footprint. 

  • Commercial solar systems are designed to provide a higher level of power output than residential systems and are often used to power large businesses or government buildings. 
  • In addition to being environmental friendly,  solar systems can also help businesses and home equally to save money on their energy bills. 
  • As Australia continues to increase its focus on renewable energy, solar systems are likely to play an increasingly important role in the country’s energy mix.
  • It is true that the shift and switch to renewable energy is slow but gradual. There is an increase in the number of total installations over the past few years.
  • The number has rose to 3 Million in 2021 and will soon reach 4 Million mark sooner.
  • With Australian Government‘s vision of 2030, a renewable future, it becomes our pledge to stand by them.


Solar system installation is not a child’s play. It could be difficult and chaotic. At AYKA Solar, we simplify the whole process of commercial solar installation, so that you reap only the finest benefits from your system.

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