Can Solar Help During a Power Outage?

Can Solar Help During a Power Outage

Can Solar Help During A Power Outage?

Yes, Solar panels can work during a power outage when paired with solar battery storage. 

Solar battery storage keeps your solar system Sydney working during an energy outage with reliable, renewable solar power. When you take the plunge into solar energy, you want to have a partner that can give you expertise and savings. At AYKA Solar, we will help you find the right system for your home or business – which can help save thousands on your monthly electricity bill. We’ll also install it correctly and do what’s required to make sure it’s working for years to come.

Why is Solar Battery important during a Power Outage?

When extreme weather conditions occur in your area, your electric grid will shut down, resulting in a power outage, which would result in your solar system Sydney shutting down. Utility services can also shut down power if they think the grid will become overloaded.

One of the main reasons for a power shutdown is to protect utility technicians sent to fix damaged power lines. Also, another reason can be that your solar panel system is connected to the grid via a solar inverter, which goes to a smart meter that records the amount of energy you use and the excess energy sent back to the utility. If your grid shuts down, so will your solar panels. Now you can save even more by selling your surplus energy back to your local utility company. Your experienced solar company Sydney will explain yo this in detail at the time of solar installation.

If you want your solar panels Sydney to continue generating power during a blackout, install a solar battery. Nowadays, every utility company sees the importance of solar storage and is finding ways to incorporate more renewable energy into its infrastructure.

Protect Your Electronics from Power Outages with a Solar Battery

Protect Your Electronics from Power Outages with a clean, reliable solar battery like Tesla’s Powerwall with AYKA Solar and take control of your energy storage. By diverting the excess solar energy produced by your panels to your battery and backup panel, you can power essential home appliances and the essential rooms in your home. 

A reliable solar installer Sydney makes you energy independent. 

Battery Storage Can Rescue the Grid

We must realize and switch to renewable energies like solar energy or wind early, as blackouts and outages could cause catastrophic damage to the grid. But If utility services build new infrastructure to support sustainable energies and solar-powered battery storage, we can now get closer to making power blackouts a thing of the past. AYKA Solar provides you the best home solar battery storage service.

Store excess energy generated from Your Solar Panels Sydney

With AYKA Solar, you can now generate, store and manage renewable power from the sun on your terms. Powerwall allows you to store the electricity your solar panels Sydney produce during the day and use it when you need it most.

Better safe than sorry, if you’re going to invest in solar, install it the right way. Get connected with our team of solar experts and receive a customized solar quote according to your energy needs. 

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