Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Solar

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Solar

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Solar

Not researching about the brands’ solar installer offers

A solar panel system is a huge investment for your house, in the long run, so you should learn and have every knowledge about the products and brands that your chosen        solar installer in Sydney is selling. Conduct research online by reading their reviews and customer testimonials; are existing customers happy with the installation and good experience with the products they used for installation? Contact the solar company Sydney directly and ask them about the kind of solar panels and inverters they use in their solar installation, especially the brand and manufacturer, and why they have chosen those brands for their installations. 

Not asking for multiple quotations

No matter which system design you choose according to your energy requirements, it’s important to ask for multiple quotes before deciding which brands you choose for installation. The same goes for the solar installer you choose.

While most solar installer Sydney-wide is trustworthy, there still happens to be some bad solar installers you need to beware of. Some solar companies can charge you double what the solar panels and installation cost you. Eventually, it leads to you losing your money to save on energy.

Make sure you never work with the very first solar company you talk to without researching about other solar companies in Sydney. Research and make sure you get at least three quotations. Study about what each of these solar installers is offering and whether they consider many essential aspects before installation, such as installation budget, the type and orientation of your roof, the appropriate solar panel size you need, and so on.

Assuming cheap solar panels works the same as the premium ones

People tend to go for cheap solar panels as their primary motive behind switching to solar is to save on their utility bills. But it surely doesn’t mean you should purchase Low-cost solar panels. They may seem like a great idea at the start, but they will cost you much more after a few years when you will have to replace the entire solar system all over again because the current one goes faulty or breaks down. 

We aren’t suggesting you go for the solar panel with a maximum price. A professional and experienced solar installer Sydney should be able to match you with the best solar panel Sydney designs that are reasonably priced.

These solar companies in Sydney are also growing day by day, leading to the creation of jobs. 

Opting for DIY Solar panel installation for your house

People nowadays love DIY things, which is a great thing. We get to learn some new things. But this doesn’t apply to solar installation. It is not something you would want to attempt on your own unless you have the proper expertise and experience to pull it off.

Before you go ahead with the DIY installation, here are few questions you should ask yourself:

  • What size of solar panel system will you need for required energy consumption?
  • An ideal solar panel will need how much roof support?
  • How will be the wiring for a complete solar system completed?
  • Which is the appropriate direction to place the solar panel on your roof?

If you fail to answer these questions with certainty, we would suggest it’s best to leave the solar installation job to someone who is a professional and experienced solar installer Sydney-wide. A single mistake in the installation process could cause endless headaches in the future.


Not considering the after-sales support you’ll need

Ongoing customer support is important for understanding and operating your solar panels at their maximum efficiency. While this is important for many larger purchases, it’s also important to ensure the after-sales support solar installer Sydney offers. You are investing in a product with a long lifespan over coming decades and has often been selected based on the years of energy savings it can provide.

After-sales service and customer support are among the most common areas where cheaper solar providers cut their costs. You might think you have got a good system when you go with an inexpensive solar installer, but you may end up losing thousands of dollars in coming years in repairs, system maintenance, and inefficient performance of your solar system. This is when you need assuring after-sales support, where you can contact the solar installer whenever you have problems with the solar system Sydney.

When choosing your solar company in Sydney, make sure you look for a company that offers ongoing customer support even after installation. Ask them where their support team is based and what sort of support they provide.

Avoid solar panel installation mistakes at all costs

Switching to solar energy is beneficial not only for your wallet but also for the environment. As you go about the process, however, you need to steer clear of these common solar panel installation mistakes that may undermine your investment.

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