Solar Customers Beware of Misleading Advertising

Solar Customers Beware Of Misleading Advertising

 The Australian government does give significant incentives to promote solar growth. However, these are supposed to be phased out by 2030.

Hence each year they decrease a little bit till they become zero in 2030. 

This is a government policy and no company can control that. Hence you should not trust anyone who implies that they can give you last year’s benefits this year. 

In fact, it is better to be suspicious of someone making misleading claims.

Unfortunately, some solar companies take disadvantage of this situation to confuse and overpromise the customers. 

They use terms like ‘rewind’  or ‘rollback’ to create a false impression that the customer is going to somehow qualify for last year’s government incentives this year. This is not true.

Solar installation is a complex process involving some long term investments.

It involves customization, knowing about the incentives offered by the Australian government and a warranty on the service. 

What you need is a trustworthy and honest solar installation company that guides you through this.

In every business, there are some honest to goodness, trustworthy companies. 

But unfortunately, there are some not so honest people who would take disadvantage of customers with their flashy, misleading claims.  

We strongly advise solar customers to find out what is included, and what is NOT included in any solar offer. 

For example,

a company may give you a quote that does not include roof edge protection, which is mandatory now. 

They will quote for panels, inverters and their installation and later charge you separately for the edge protection. 

We have already warned customers about companies that offer ‘conditional warranties’, wherein the customer needs to pay some money for certain inspections every year otherwise the warranty lapses. 

Making the customer think that they will somehow get last year’s government incentives is another such trap that you should not fall into. 

In short, customers beware of exaggerated claims.

Read the fine print, ask questions, and work with an honest company that gives you all the information upfront. 

At AYKA Solar, we would never give you misleading information or sell substandard products to lure you into signing a sales contract with us. 

We believe in getting your business by honesty, transparency and quality work. 

If you want all this from a company that stands behind its work unconditionally, for a full ten years, go with AYKA Solar

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