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Why should you go solar in Australia in 2023?

Solar Panel Brisbane

Why Should You Go Solar In Australia In 2023? How much are you willing to spare in the name of sustainability? Solar in Australia has become a life-saviour to many Australians in their time of dire need. With the cost of electricity rocketing up the sky, sustainable sources are becoming more affordable day by day. […]

$17 Billion Solar Battery Grant

Solar Batteries-Solar-Battery-Grant

$17 Billion Solar Battery Grant Solar Battery Grant brings good news to Australians. With this they can avail loans and grants worth $50,000. Adam Bandt is making solar dreams come true. With the rise of the Greens’ election 2022, an offer of $17 Billion was made. This was particularly made for the Renewable energy plan […]

$3500 Solar Battery Rebates for $2950 from JULY 1

Solar Battery Rebate

Solar Battery Rebates Only a few days remain until there is an implementation of the huge dip in solar battery rebates. The price will be going down from $3,500 to $2,950 from Friday, July 1st 2022. This is indeed a huge reduction in prices for solar battery rebates for Victoria.  Tighten your shoes and hurry […]

Electricity Blackout – How To Encounter It?

Electricity Blackout

electricity blackout-how to encounter it What to do when you are encountering a power outage or energy blackout? Panicking is something that you should stay far away from! Be prepared by documenting the subsequent points on what can be done before and after a power outage or electricity blackout. The Energy Minister has mentioned that the cold […]

AYKA Solar Top Renewable Energy Company

Renewable Energy Company

Here at AYKA Solar, we strive to deliver renewable energy to every possible household in Australia. We offer a range of competitive financing solutions for our customers for all the commercial and residential solar systems in Sydney. AYKA Solar, a Top Renewable Energy Company We always aim to focus on providing the best solar products combined […]

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