Reduce Business/ Commercial Energy Cost

Commercial Energy Cost

Reduce Commercial Energy Cost Of Your Business

Are you worried about rising energy bills for your business? Just Take a moment to consider the energy bill you’re paying for a room in your office that no one ever seems to use. 

You can quickly lower your electricity bill by thousands of dollars every month depending on the size of your organization and facilities, just by following a few steps that can increase your office appliances’ energy efficiency. We are here to suggest you a few tips and simple changes that you can follow for your business’s short-term and long-term energy savings.

Switch to solar:

Solar energy is a free, clean, and renewable source of energy. At first solar panels might cost you, but eventually, the cost is recovered when you use solar energy correctly and make the most of it. It’s a win-win situation as they reduce your electricity bills as well as they are low maintenance. You can see a massive difference in your energy bill along with saving the environment. Look for a solar installer Sydney-wide and get your free quote.

More trees around your office:?

When you have Shady trees outside your office, they can protect the building from intense sun during summers and chilly winds during winters. The tress will protect your office from hot sunlight in summers, and less cooling would be required inside. 

Initiate energy-efficient practices:

Usually, the utility company you are paying, have off to high peak times during the day. This totally differs from various utility services. Practice using excess energy or high-energy appliances during low or off-peak times. Make sure your employees do follow this same model and see how energy usage decreases with more initiative. If you already have a solar system Sydney installed, make the most of it by using all your appliances during the daytime.

Get an energy audit done:

Always keep a check on how your office is utilizing energy. For this, you need an energy audit. Hire an energy audit company and let it do an energy audit of your office. Most of the time, your utility companies may offer a free energy audit program to ensure that you are using energy efficiently. Call them and see if they can help you identify areas to trim down your energy needs.

Keep the temperature in control:

Controlling your room temperature can be a very crucial step for reducing your energy bill. It is always recommended that you cool your room temperature to 25ºC in summer and heat it to 20ºC in winter for the highest energy savings. You won’t believe it, but even a 1-degree increase in thermostat setting in winter will use 15% more energy. Every 1-degree decrease in summer will use 10% more energy. 

Reduce Paper Wastage:

Paper is majorly used in commercial offices. One simple thing you can follow is to print only when it’s necessary. This leads not only to reducing paper wastage but will also help to cut the excess energy required to run the printer. These all practices will help you reduce your energy cost and make your printer’s life longer.

Use skylights:

Interior in the office is needed for a happy and well-lit environment for employees. The one thing we can replace Artificial lights is with Skylights. Artificial lights consume energy, while skylights are just free. We suggest using maximum daylight and use artificial lights in the dark areas. Less energy consumption means the more energy produced by your solar system is saved for other high-energy-based appliances. 

Switch off equipment when not in use:

These tiny tips can be handy to large businesses. Make sure that you switch off all of your printers, scanners, microwaves, lights, air conditioners, coffee vending machines while leaving your office or when not in use. During weekends or holidays, pay extra attention to all the appliances before leaving. Also, they continue to draw power even if they are plugged in. Try using smart plugs for all your devices. 

Buy energy-efficient devices:

Make sure every device in your office is energy-efficient. These devices may cost more upfront, but over years of use, in the long run, they’re going to save you money. Led lights can be very effective for saving energy. 

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