Why Are Some Solar Installers Less Expensive Than Others?

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Why Some Solar Installers Are Less Expensive?

When you’re thinking of installing a solar system, as a keen consumer, you will be doing some research and looking for reliable solar installers around you, and get quotes from a few companies.

Then, you meet the solar experts, who design your solar system and send you a proposal with the final price. Some quotations will come from solar installers close to you and some others from a little bit far.  However is the case, you might have some questions about why the quotations come with very different prices, 

Big variations in price during a bidding situation certainly can set off some warnings. Although they’re different companies, you’d anticipate them to be fairly comparable however, you would like to find out why when they’re not.

If you find yourself in this scenario when comparing solar quotations, here are a couple of items to check out that might reveal to you why some solar companies can have very different prices than other ones. 

Reasons why some Solar Installers may be more or less expensive than another one

The Solar System’s Design

Whether on the phone, in person, or online, it is important to discuss with a solar expert your energy needs and your financial goals for your solar panel system.

You must discuss just how much electricity usage you can cover with solar, as well as the characteristics of the solar energy system, such as the brand of panels, inverters if you’d like energy storage, and where the panels must be installed.

With the information you provide, they will design a solar energy system according to your energy and financial needs.

As each solar company might have a different way to design your solar system, each proposal can vary in cost and layout. Differences in panel and inverter characteristics and brands as the location of the panels might impact the final price. 

The System’s Size and Production

When evaluating solar quotations, it’s very important to compare designs with similar characteristics. 

The layout, wattage of the system the type of panels, and inverters are elements that will impact the size and solar panel production.  For example, one solar installer might attempt to squeeze one or two panels into a small area that can bring problems at the moment of the solar panel installation. 

Shading can also be a problem for the output of a system. As some companies might not calculate the impact properly nor propose the right technology (i.e. microinverters) to mitigate the effects of shading, this could be an important element behind a short output through the years.

Is very important that when you notice these differences in the system you have a chat with your solar installer to clarify each point in a comprehensible way, so you actually know what you are paying for.

Quality of the Solar Equipment Installed

Another variable in the cost of solar panel installation is the brand and quality of the components of your solar energy system. There are many brands in the market for solar panels, inverters, and even batteries. While it may be tempting to choose a budget brand to keep installation costs low, this could cost you more, as the saying “buy cheap buy twice” might be accurate for these kinds of situations.

When it comes to solar panels, you want to make sure you end up with durable, efficient, panels backed by substantive manufacturer assurances. Not only do these assurances provide you peace of mind, but they’re also a measure of the quality of the panel.

Some solar panel manufacturers will give you a performance warranty of 25 -30 years and a product warranty from 12 to 25 years.  Budget brands that offer less expensive products may have much shorter warranties. So, if something fails with your solar panels down the road, you won’t have the ability to get them changed through the service warranty.

Another huge part of the solar energy system is the inverter, or inverters, depending upon your solar system size and design. This is the part of your solar system that is probably to fail first. Because of this, it is essential to go with quality over rate. While a budget brand inverter might be cheaper in advance, the money you conserve most likely won’t offset the money you would spend fixing or replacing parts than if you went with a more trusted brand name.

So, when taking a look at your solar quotes, proposals, make sure to take a look at the equipment your system is designed with. You should always ask for information about the devices’ specs and warranties, so you’ll understand the variation in prices from one quote to another one. 

Additional Installer-Backed Guarantees

Some solar installers might offer service workmanship warranties in addition to those offered by the solar equipment’s producer. This additional warranty may cause a slight boost in the cost of your solar system, but it’ll also provide you assurance and take some of the risks out of your solar financial investment.

This warranty is extremely important to solar owners, eliminating many of the risks that include installing solar. But just like solar panels with good warranties may cost a bit more, so installation services. A solar installer with detailed guarantees might return with a somewhat higher solar panel installation cost; however, that money will provide you with valuable guarantees that safeguard your financial investment.

While it’s tempting to opt for the most affordable choice, this might not be the best move in the long term as explained above, solar components and installations usually are expensive for a reason, and in the solar business the saying “you pay for what you get” fits extremely well. If you have questions about your proposition, you must connect to the solar experts from reliable solar installers and ask to discuss these elements of your solar system.

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