What Are String Inverter Systems?

string inverter systems

What Are String Inverter Systems?

In the solar energy business, wiring sets of individual solar panels are collectively known as “string”. A string solar inverter converts the direct current (DC electricity) in strings of panels into usable alternating current (AC electricity) your house appliances use.   

String inverters are often known as “central inverters”. They’ve been around for decades, are reasonably priced, and get the job accomplished on most small-scale solar panel installations. 

String inverters are best suited to rooftops with uniform northern exposure and without any shading issues. That’s because, if a single solar panel were to become shaded, the solar panel production for the complete string becomes limited. 

For instance, say there’s a large tree that obscures one or two of your solar panels in the early afternoon. Because all of the panels are tied collectively in a string, when those two modules are shaded, the solar panel output of the other panels will be negatively impacted. 

Even if this might sound inefficient, there are a few benefits of utilizing string inverters along with your solar energy system. We will cover them here so you can confidently proceed with your solar panel system selection. 

String inverter systems- Benefits


String inverters are reasonably priced and can assure savings on your solar panel system. It is because producers have had a long time to make their operations more efficient, and you only want a single inverter for most solar panel installations, compared to microinverters and power optimizers that are used behind every individual solar panel. 

Compared with microinverters and power optimizers, string inverters cost much less on a typical 5kW installation. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that string inverters will need to be replaced after 8 to 12 years, whereas your solar panel array is warranted to last for 25 years. A replacement of an inverter will add more cost to your solar energy system. 

Replacement is easy

Since you’ll only need one string inverter for most house installations, replacing them is fairly simple. Your inverter is the only piece of equipment most probably to fail over the life of your solar energy system

Replacing one unit out at an affordable price is more appealing than having to possibly replace many inverters or power optimizers behind every one of your solar panels. 

Final thoughts on string inverters

String inverters are an excellent choice when you have abundant northern exposure on your roof and your roof is at a uniform pitch. They’re reasonably priced and have stood the test of time over many years of use in the home solar industry. SMA and Fronius are leading producers of string inverters. 

To optimize the solar panel production in partially shaded situations, or when you have a roof that faces south direction, we recommend you use microinverters or power optimizers as an alternative. 

If you’re curious about studying more about these inverters and how they can be the best fit for you, contact AYKA Solar today. We provide the best-priced and high-quality inverter which can assure you maximum solar panel output and solar panel savings in the future. Our skilled solar experts can work with you to discuss solar choices that can work best for your house in Australia.

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