Benefits of Rooftop Solar Sydney

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Sydney

Benefits Of Rooftop Solar Sydney

Undoubtedly, Australia is geographically blessed with abundant sunlight, which directly we can generate unlimited solar Sydney and make the most of it. The last year has inspired many people to install solar panels on open ground or set up rooftop solar panels. For Australian homeowners, the best thing about rooftop solar PV panels is that they do not require extra space; instead, it is the best way to generate electricity for businesses or homes without harming the environment.

Solar rooftop is the best way to go green and help in reducing the problem of climate change. By switching to solar, you are reducing the use of fossil fuels for energy. Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) is a Federal Government policy designed to ensure that at least 33,000 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2024. At the same time, If you’re considering buying a home solar system in Sydney, act now to get a big tax incentive. You can now get a 26% federal solar tax credit for your home solar systems installation if installed by December 31, 2024. The solar rebates keep on falling every year. In 2024 the residential tax credit will step down step down to 22%.

Factors to be considered before installing your rooftop solar

While installing a solar rooftop system, there are few factors to be considered as feasibility depends on the nature and type of your roof. Here are few essential points to help you:

  • The availability of sunlight and the roof’s surface area are pertinent points to be calculated before installing solar panels Sydney. Clean Energy Regulator Executive General Manager Mark Williamson said rooftop solar installations now can generate or displace approximately 11.2 million MWh of electricity each year.
  • Your rooftop orientation plays a vital role in the sun for generating solar energySouth-oriented roofs are considered the best for setting up solar panels Sydney as they receive the maximum amount of sunlight and for a longer duration. If by some chance, that is not possible, then the solar panels are arranged at an angle that gets the maximum heat of the sun. Hence, make sure you observe rooftop orientation before installing solar panels Sydney.
  • How much surface of the roof is to be covered on the size of your rooftop, your energy consumption during the day, and your budget.

AYKA Technologies stands as the best solar installer Sydney-wide. Here are few financial benefits for you. Give us a call right away for your rooftop solar installation in Sydney:

  • Tailored designs suited to fit your needs
  • A reliable team of solar experts
  • High-quality components and top brands in the market
  • Rated 5* on Google
  • 10 Year Workmanship warranty
  • Return on Investment in 2 years

Rooftop solar system has gained popularity over the last decade and has started becoming the primary source of electricity consumption, especially in residential areas. AYKA Solar helps you set up your own solar system with proper planning and implementation at a feasible rate. So, invest in green energy and protect the environment along with saving a lot of money.

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