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Future of Australia and Rooftop solar-powered products

Technology has shaped the future of energy consumption and production. With solar energy and solar products by its side, the solar industry is only growing exponentially. It is possible to use solar energy in multiple ways. Check out the wide variety and huge range of solar-powered products

Solar products are an excellent way to grow your renewable energy capacity at an exponential rate. When it comes to energy production and consumption, it is always the seemingly small things that add up. Solar panels, photovoltaic inverters, and solar batteries are solar-powered products that are worth investing in.

Which is the most widely used Rooftop solar-powered device?

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1. Solar panels:

Solar panels are the most widely used solar product. It can be engaged in a variety of tools and different types of equipment. 

  • A solar panel has a wide range of capabilities. It can easily power up a small bulb and at the same time power up the whole building.
  • Depending on the size, the design, the brand, the energy requirement, the amount of sunlight in your area and the total energy produced, solar panels can be customised. 
  • Solar panels can be utilised in such a way that you can totally reduce your electricity bill and can even become self-sustainable without connecting to the grid.
  • A solar panel is a very efficient and simple method that is sustainable and free of carbon emissions. The mechanism is extremely simple, as the solar panel will collect and convert the available solar energy into usable DC(Direct Current) electricity.
  • Please note that solar panels are available in various brands and have varied designs. Finding the one that will solve all your energy problems can be stressful. I suggest you take the help of an expert like AYKA Solar.  

Read more about the benefits of the best solar panels and why you must install them in 2022. The Australian Government has the vision to provide renewable energy to most Australians by 2030. To support this goal, they offer several excellent rebates and schemes. 

Without the proper knowledge, we cannot utilise the schemes from the government to your benefit. Depending on the state and the region you live in, there is a wide variety of government-funded projects and FREE solar training.

2. Solar inverters:

I cannot emphasise enough how crucial a solar inverter is to the solar project. This is the key component that ties together the entire solar system installation. 

We can generate DC electricity by installing a solar panel. This must be altered into alternate current or AC electricity for the different types of equipment to consume. To make you understand it easily, let me give you an example. It is like breaking down complex fats for your body to easily digest or consume them. Direct current is broken down into alternating current for your equipment to consume. 

Make sure the installation of a rooftop solar system is from a CEC (Clean Energy Council) certified solar system installer. The accreditation will ensure that you are being offered the best quality available in the market.

  • There is a huge collection of different kinds of inverters in the market from reputed brands. In this case, it is like selecting the perfect trouser for you, depending on your body type, the silhouette, the tone, and the texture of the fabric. 
  • It is very subjective when it comes to personal preference and each of them is unique and must be tailored to your fit.
  • Installing a solar PV system along with the battery and inverter is also subject to your energy requirement. 

Get yourself a rooftop solar and AYKA Solar will make sure that your one-time investment will not be put to waste. Make the best and fullest use of the warranty, the discount and the rebates that you can avail yourself of during the purchase.


3. Solar batteries:

Solar batteries are an integral part of a rooftop solar panel system. So the battery can act as a push-up or extra support system for your solar product installation.

  • You cannot underestimate how valuable this battery is when you need extra electricity. 
  • For someone completely independent of their energy consumption, or someone who lives in a secluded area or out of town, batteries are a life saviour.
  • Solar batteries work on a very simple principle of storing the generated electricity from a solar panel. 
  • When the solar inverter converts the direct current and alternating current, you have two options.
    1. It should be used when there is enough power to run appliances and do household chores.   
    The second way is to store it for the future. Also, you can extend the second option, wherein you can transfer the electricity directly to the grid and receive a feed-in tariff from the energy provider in return for sustainably generated electricity.

Solar batteries come in handy, especially in desperate times.

What if you do not have a connection to the external grid?

Say if you are a camper and would like to store your generated electricity for future utilisation at night? Are you a regular homeowner trying to cut down on your expenses during the night? Are you seeking ways to completely go off-grid and generate your renewable energy?

Solar products are your solution.

Call an expert now to get all your questions answered regarding rooftop solar and much more!

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