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Solar Training- A cost-free opportunity for electricians & electrical engineers

A wonderful opportunity to be the best in the industry for electricians and electrical engineers in Victoria! It is a fully-funded solar training program by Solar Victoria under FREE TAFE initiative. Brush up and enhance your skills about solar panels and their installation, solar systems and everything you require and is mandatory to be a full-fledged Solar specialist and upskill your knowledge. 

Glorify the sustainable Solar PV systems with your skills!

Solar Victoria has geared up and fuelled the hopes of electricians and electrical engineers by training them for free under a FREE TAFE short course. The enrolments have begun and are an exemplary opportunity to grab! You get to learn about solar PV systems and battery designs. This is also coupled with their impeccable installations.

According to the trends, sustainability and renewability have become the more feasible and happening forms of energy. In the modern world, where people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of non-renewable sources like coal and fossil fuels. The carbon emission rocketed up the sky to poke a hole in the ozone and even lead to global warming. During these times of extreme needs, precautions like renewability come in handy. 

The Victorians have a huge opportunity to grab in this booming sector of sustainability. Around $11 million was dedicated to the workforce development and training package. This has enabled the Victorians to upskill and increase employment opportunities for them. This in turn will enhance the economic strength of the state. It also adds more value to the individual’s skill assessment and employability.  

Skills rule the employability factor of the person!

The solar training will not only develop the skills you already possess, but polish the knowledge you already possess. It is not just dedicated exclusively to Solar Victoria-approved businesses. It is indeed a special initiative for all the electricians and electrical engineers. To those who want to bind a strong community to transition to a renewable and clean Victoria. 

A professional and qualified electrician will be the master of the art of installations and designing. May it be for any and every solar system-based equipment. From solar photovoltaic panels to batteries and inverters, he will be the multitasking and will be the only manpower you need to assist your sustainable needs. Electrical engineers will be able to do the best in their field of designing the best solar systems.

This is a call for all electrical trainees and eager to learn individually. The FREE Training is available throughout December 2024. Enrol Now!

What you do today will reflect upon your future.

Yes, it will either shape you for the best or the worst. Be it switching to a sustainable form of electricity or energy or continuing the old methods of energy where we utilised coal and fossil fuels. The commitment that Solar Victoria has for the Victorians will surely step up the solar industry up a notch.

The training is given in two centres or RTOs (Registered Training Organisations).

  1. Solar Training Centre
  2. TAFE Gippsland

Additional RTOs haven’t been announced yet. The grants will be announced soon in May for other parts of Victoria. This is to create arenas of learning for other areas and also get Solar Training. 

The Course number is 22453VIC from the New Energy Technology Systems. Be a solar system professional, multitasking and knowing every single detail regarding solar with Solar Training Victoria.


  • Clean Energy Council accreditation for the participants who complete the FREE TAFE training.
  • You learn to design and install or even take one to specialise in.
  • The training is available from the solar PV system to the battery system for complete units. 

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