Can I Install My Solar System In Winter?

Install My Solar System In Winter

When most people think about solar energy, they picture their solar panels Sydney producing maximum power under the summer sun.

Due to this, some may think it’s better to install solar panels in the summer than in the fall or winter. But even though solar panels generate more electricity in the summer, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Can You Install Solar System In Winter?

Yes, you can install solar panels in the fall or winter, even though it’s colder and the days are shorter. And you might be wise for doing so.

We are here to help you with three main reasons to do so:

  1. Solar Installers in Sydney May Be Less Busy

Solar installers strive for a complete installation schedule throughout the colder months. Even though the days are shorter in winters, that doesn’t mean solar installers don’t install new solar systems in Sydney. Also, it doesn’t mean that those newly installed solar systems won’t still generate a significant amount of electricity required for your household.

Many people choose to install their solar system in the summers, but solar installers can be busy in those seasons, and their schedules fill up fast. So, depending on their schedule, you may have to wait longer for your solar installation than you’d like, so never delay your solar installation to a busy season if you choose to go solar in winter itself. 

By scheduling your installation of solar system in winter or fall, you can get it done whenever you are free and at your convenience. 

Make sure you’re partnering with a reputable solar company in Sydney, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a fair price. It would help if you also trusted that your team would have enough time to devote to your project to ensure a quality solar system no matter the season or how busy they are.

Whenever you are thinking about installing a solar system in winter for your house, make a note that your solar installers won’t be able to work on your project if there’s snow on your roof. In these cases, they will postpone the installation until the slippery stuff has melted away, and they can resume work safely.

As a matter of fact, some installers prefer working in colder conditions instead of the summer heat. Working in the dead of summer for an entire workday can be very demanding.

  1.  Delaying can make You Miss Out on Incentives 

2021 is the only year solar owners can receive a 28.80% price reduction on their solar system in Sydney through a tax credit from the Australian government. This credit is known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (STC). The value for STC’s keep falling every year, and the more you delay your decision to install your solar panels, the higher is the chance of you missing out on the incentives.

And because this popular tax credit keeps on decreasing every year, many people are pushing up their solar installations to take advantage of the credit, which means solar installer’s schedules are filling up faster than ever. If your solar panels Sydney can’t get your project in their schedule that summer, it’s safe for businesses to schedule their installation of solar system in winter.

  1.  Your Solar System is all set for the Peak-Production Seasons

The solar process is relatively seamless yet a long one. Once you receive multiple quotes, evaluated them, and selected your solar installer in Sydney, there is still much work to do before installation starts.

While installing your solar system in winter itself is a relatively quick one to four days, depending on your system size, it could take up to a few weeks or until your entire solar system is fully up and running.

The process includes permission of the neighbours to utility approvals to ensure your solar installer has all the materials needed for your project.

By choosing to install your solar system in winter, you’ll be giving your solar system plenty of time to get going before the summer, when the sun is out for the longest, and your electricity production is the highest.

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