Go Solar in 2024 with Four Easy Steps

Go Solar in 2024

Go Solar With Four Easy Steps

For homeowners considering adding photovoltaic solar panels to their houses or businesses, 2021 has already gotten off to a great start. You can still take advantage of the Government’s solar incentives. Many owners of residential and commercial properties are ready to go solar and reap the benefits. 

Switching to solar energy can be done in just four simple steps. 

1. Find a Solar Installer

Begin by finding a reliable solar installer for your house solar installation. Ask your friends that have already installed a solar energy system for suggestions or seek the advice of popular review sites.

Your solar installer will ask you a few questions about your house to determine your utility and monthly electric bills. Every house has a different orientation to the sun, so your solar installer would need to evaluate your house’s configuration and roof space. Information about your roofs, like their type (flat or pitched) and composition (tiles or tin), are important for solar panel quote, design and solar panel installation process. AYKA Solar is here to provide you with high-quality solar brands at the best prices available.

2. Evaluate and Choose a Financing Solution

After providing you with an estimate, the solar installer then will provide solar financing options that may assist you to decide the best choice for you. There are three main financing options for you: purchase, Solar loan or Solar lease. All have important benefits, and your reliable solar company or energy consultant may also help you evaluate which works best for you.

3. Coordinate with Local Authorities

An experienced CEC accredited solar retailer or installation contractor will handle all the details of preparing your house for solar energy, including rooftop surveys and applications to the electricity board. AYKA Solar will ensure that your solar panel installation goes smoothly. 

4. Install and Activate the System

Our installation team will ensure you’re kept up to date throughout the solar panel installation process. Once the work crew arrives at your own home, the installation should take no more than one day, depending on the size and scale of the installation. After it’s completed, a CEC inspector will check your installation and give the thumbs up on your solar energy system. Then your electricity retailer will arrange for smart metre installation. Once that is done, you’ll be ready to start generating your clean energy.

The Bottom Line

Buying solar is a long-term investment, so you’ll also know about the warranty that covers your solar panel installation. AYKA Solar provides all panels with 25-year Performance and 10–15-year Product Warranty. Over that we provide a 10-years Workmanship Warranty on all our solar installations. Save yourself the trouble and use a solar energy system designed by one experienced and reliable solar company, like AYKA Solar. Mixing-and-matching systems with components cobbled together from different manufacturers can lead to a major headache because every part will come with separate warranties.

AYKA Solar can commit to such a strong warranty because it uses solar panels, inverters & other electrical components which are particularly designed for durability and efficiency. 

Make this the year you finally go solar with AYKA Solar. Find out more specifics about how you can lower your electric bill and help the environment. Contact us today and get your solar panel quote. We assure you a high-quality solar panel installation done with the most reliable solar installer for your future solar panel savings.

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