How to Make the Most out of your Solar System?

Solar System

Steps To Well Maintain Solar System

Like any other electrical device or your car, your solar panels should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure they’re performing as efficiently as possible. AYKA Solar is here to suggest you a few quick steps to ensure the peak performance of your best solar panel Sydney. Decrease your high energy bills and make the most out of your solar panel system.

Ensure that your system is working correctly:

A smart solar monitoring system allows you to track your solar system Sydneys performance. Most inverters come with an app that displays your system’s PV production. This helps provide you a good insight into your usage habits and how your solar performs throughout the year.

There are many apps out there that will give you all of the data in your hand, allowing you to track your solar panel’s performance. This will enable you to change your behaviors to get your panels greater efficiencies. You can make the most use of these by connecting up to a smart home app so you can monitor your electricity usage remotely and turn off lights and appliances when you are away from home.

Keep your trees trimmed to avoid shade:

Shading can cause a major impact on your solar panel’s performance. The more sunlight your panels receive, the more is their energy production. To ensure that you are maximizing your solar output, timely inspect the trees around your roof and make sure that they are trimmed and not causing any shading.

Use high-energy devices while the sun shines:

It’s wise to time your charging activities and high-energy usage behaviors during the daytime. All the charging activities like charging your phones, laptops, tablets, make sure you get these done when the sun is shining. Consume the most of energy while it’s being generated. Get all of your high-energy usage chores such as washing and drying during the daylight hours. By doing this, you effectively use free electricity while your solar system Sydney makes the most of the sunlight.

Clean your solar panels:

Dust, leaves, water, bird poop – these are the general solar blockers. Dust and dirt on solar panels cause constant problems, and this builds up grimes over the years. PV arrays situated in dustier areas or near farmland or next to the main road needs special maintenance. Bird droppings rather than dust on your solar power panels are more damaging. If many trees surround your house, your solar panels Sydney will be covered not only by leaves but also by bird droppings. A lot of build-up and debris is caused over time due to both these reasons, making it more important and regular to clean and maintain your solar panels. 

We would recommend using experts to ensure your system is cleaned up to the best possible standards. 

Switch to LED lights:

Solar power Sydney is a fantastic renewable-based source, but it doesn’t help your cause if you feed it all into redundant technologies. Those old light bulbs lose 90 percent of the power provided to them as heat, so you are not getting any efficiencies from them. Upgrade to LED options that will use almost 100 percent of the power to create light, and you will notice a massive difference on your bill.

Consider energy storage devices:

Do you have a battery system installed on the side of your house to work with your panels? If not, now is a terrific time to invest. Many Solar companies Sydney-wide also do a battery installation along with your solar system installation. Solar battery prices have dropped significantly in recent years and are expected to continue to fall, making them increasingly attractive to Australian homeowners. In recent years technology has come a long way, and these batteries can house many hours of electricity time for times when the sun isn’t shining. Solar batteries can prove to be a very beneficial option for those who frequently experience grid blackouts in their area or are subject to time-of-use electricity rates from their utility service company.

When you invest in a solar battery, your home will be able to run off on the clean solar energy produces by your solar panels. This can be stored up in the battery, and you can use that energy at night or during power outages. 

Invest in smart plugs for your appliances:

Do you know even when your appliances and electronics are turned off, they can still suck quite a bit of energy from your solar power system if they are plugged in? 

Suppose you don’t want to worry about constantly plugging and unplugging electronics and appliances. In that case, you can invest in smart power strips or smart plugs. This allows you to control and cut power to devices remotely through a mobile app.

Use your energy consciously:

These are really small tips but can make a huge difference in your solar panel performance. Whenever you leave a room, make sure you turn off the lights and AC. When you’re done using any appliance or electronic device, please turn it off and unplug it for sure. Just being aware of the ways you consume your electricity and by making minor adjustments whenever you notice you’re using more electricity than you need to, is one of the effective ways to make sure that the energy that is produced by your solar system Sydney, is being used as effectively as possible.

Taking care of your solar panels and making sure your home and all the appliances are running efficiently will help you keep your electricity consumption, as well as high energy bills, go down. We assure you of the best products for your Solar panel installation Sydney has to offer. Going solar provides you with energy independence where you generate your own electricity and protection against cost fluctuations which lead to high electricity bills. Contact us today and go solar with AYKA Solar.

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