How Solar Can Prevent Your Bill from Spiking During Summer

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Reduce High Energy Bills With Solar Panels

While the summer season has many great qualities, one thing most do not look forward to is the spike in our electrical energy bills.

It is during this season when we tend to increase using air conditioners significantly. With often scorching hot days in a row, households can find they’ve kept their AC on for days at a time, and this may considerably increase your electrical energy bills. 69% of Australians believe that air-conditioning is a big contributor to higher electrical energy bills. With energy costs rising, 62% of Australian homeowners have decided to chop their AC usage.

Operating your pool pump to accommodate your pool’s increased use during the summertime will even spike up your bills. Moreover, with the number of different appliances your house has running at one time, your electrical energy prices might come as a shock.

Luckily, there are ways to chop down your bill throughout the summer and for the rest of the year as well. Other than the standard energy-saving habits, such as switching off appliances that aren’t in use and checking energy efficiency ratings when searching for new household items, solar energy is proven to deliver significant solar panel savings.

How Solar Saves You Money

Solar energy is generated using solar panels. As you might expect, sunshine is abundant to power your house during the summer season. Due to longer daylight hours, your solar energy system can start producing energy from the early hours of the morning till well into the evening because the sun stays up for longer. When your solar panel system produces energy in the day, your house will automatically pull energy out of your system to power your appliances and lead to higher solar panel savings in future.

6.6kW solar energy system will generate roughly 20kWh per day, depending on numerous factors, including your location, positioning of solar panels and quality of solar inverter.

It’s necessary to note that this doesn’t mean that after your solar panel installation, you’ll all of a sudden receive an electricity bill for $0. It’s because most households consume a large portion of their electricity at night, when your solar panel system isn’t producing any energy. However, you may make considerable improvements in your power consumption pattern throughout the day to significantly decrease your bill.

Converting most of your power usage to the daytime is the best method to maximise your energy consumption of the free energy your solar panel system is producing. You’ll be able to easily adapt the next 4 habits to improve your solar consumption:

  1. Run your AC during the day or late afternoons to cool your home down for the evening.
  2. Switch your pool pump to run during 11 am-2 pm, as that is when your system is producing probably the most power and can cover the energy requirements of your pool pump.
  3. Use your dishwasher in the morning time rather than in the evening. You will be able to still pack your dishwasher after your evening meal but wait till the morning to turn it on.
  4. Run your washing machine during the day. You can put a load on before work or whenever you get home, which can still enable plenty of time to hang your washing out.

By adopting better usage habits of your appliances and implementing the above suggestions, you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle without the added stress of pricey bills. For any solar solutions in Sydney or a range of solar services, our solar company- AYKA Solar, is just a call away.

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