Solar Energy Vs Wind Power: Which is Better?

Solar Energy vs Wind Power Which Is Better?

More and more homeowners in Australia are turning to renewable energy sources to power their houses. The most practical renewable energy systems are solar energy and small-scale windmills.

Both energy sources depend on the forces of nature, but overall, solar panels Sydney are an excellent option for consistent electricity generation for your house. Additionally, solar systems Sydney don’t include moving components that require frequent maintenance as large moving wind turbines do. 

We will help you state a few differences between wind and solar power to help you decide which clean energy option makes sense for your residential electricity needs.

Which is a more efficient source – solar power or wind power?

In Australia, most homeowners have historically preferred to use rooftop solar panels Sydney as a sustainable energy option to power their houses, while an increasing number of commercial entities are moving toward large-scale wind farms. Wind power would make sense for Australian homeowners only if they have a large plot of land around them and live in an area with much wind that can power the turbines.

Where does solar power work best?

Solar power is a term used to define the process of solar panels’ internal solar cells converting sunlight into usable electricity. Solar panels Sydney is an excellent option for your house because the number of solar panels you will require for the power generations according to your energy consumption can easily fit your house roof.

Sun is one of the most abundant energy sources, although some areas are naturally exposed to more hours of sunlight than other areas in Australia. Sunnier states like Brisbane and New Castle allow solar panels Sydney to generate more electricity.

The directions in which your solar panels Sydney are installed can also increase or decrease the efficiency of your solar system Sydney. It is wise to place your solar panels facing north with no shade cover over the panels for maximum output.

Which energy source is cheaper in terms of cost per kW?

Comparing the cost per kW of wind power versus solar power will help you determine which energy source will save you the most money over each of their lifetimes in the long run. The more you will pay per kWh, the less you will save less on your electricity bills. 

On average, a 5kW wind turbine of good quality will cost you about $32,400 and will generate between 8,000 kWh to 9,000 kWh per year. Wind turbines are usually built to operate for at least 25 years, but their output degrades by 1.6% each year. 

In order to produce the same amount of power with solar energy, a 6kW solar system Sydney is necessary that can generate between 6,000 and 10,000 kWh a year. After the federal tax credit and solar rebates that the Australian government offers, the average cost of a 6kW solar system Sydney is $5,500 – $8,000, including installation. And the assumed lifespan of a solar panel is also 25 years, but solar panels degrade at a rate of .5% each year on average. 

If we calculate per kWh, solar panels are cheaper than wind turbines. Not only is solar power Sydney a cheaper way to generate power but solar panels also cost less when it comes to long-term maintenance. On the other hand, wind turbines will require more care due to their several moving parts, which are more prone to breaking. 

Another key benefit for solar panels Sydney is because solar energy is more popular; it is much easier to find a professional solar installer Sydney than wind turbine contractors. 

Solar energy vs. wind energy: Which is best for an Australian homeowner?

Ultimately, solar panels Sydney make the most sense because of the lower cost to install them as well as maintain them. 

Both methods offer clean energy, reasonably-priced alternatives to fossil fuel energy, both financially and environmentally. Most important, renewable energy allows you to be in charge of your energy production and saves you money over the long term without causing pollution.

For homeowners who are looking for a cost-effective renewable energy choice, solar panels Sydney remain the best option as installing and maintaining a wind turbine is not as financially practical as solar.

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