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Solar Panel Installation: Is It Really That Costly?

Being one of the sunniest countries in the world, installing a solar system seems like a no brainer. However, with such a huge upfront installation cost, getting a solar panel system that fulfills your needs might be a tricky thing!

In a latest survey, 88 percent of customers in New South Wales revealed that installing a solar panel system was a good financial decision. While more than three quarters of the respondents said they researched solar panels and inverters prior to reaching out to a solar installer, 44 percent revealed that they wished they’d done more research prior to making a decision.

To sum it up, the number of people curious about installing a solar panel system has drastically increased over the years and so has the percentage of people who have already installed a system. The solar panel cost of system in Australia is totally dependent on the size of the system you are installing. You can see a significant change in the solar panel cost after the application and deduction of the government rebate.

Definitely looks like a sensible decision!

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Solar Prices Over the Years in Australia

Prior to the solar boom in 2008, solar panel cost were as high as $20 per watt which naturally repulsed a huge chunk of the Australian population. Then, within a year, the government announced high-value tariffs that changed the tide and lured in the citizens in huge numbers. The government started offering a compensation of 60 c/kWh on the excess electricity that will be sent back to the grid by the consumers. This offer became a massive hit among the public which reduced solar panel cost and the solar user base increased by massive percentages.

Around 2011, the number of solar installation companies offering competitive solar panel cost rose up and the government consequently implemented the federal rebate program. This program, till date, provides a huge benefit to people on the upfront installation cost and in turn became a huge turning point in the history of the solar industry in Australia.

Risen-Mono-Perc-Solar Panel Cost

What Affects the Cost of Solar Panel Installation?

Barring the common factors like your location and the solar panel size, there are a number of factors that come into play when deciding the price of installing a solar panel. Below are the mentioned factors: 

Equipment Quality

Do your own research, so that you don’t end up overpaying for an average system. Depending on the manufacturing quality of your solar equipment, you will also save money in the future through reduced servicing and maintenance.

Characteristics Of Your Roof

The size and structure of your roof will have a significant impact on the costs. If your roof has better sun exposure, it will require less solar panels thereby saving you a small fortune.

It’s convenient for installers to install solar panels on a single plane roof as compared to a multi-level roof. Even the angle of your roof will impact the cost of installation to a small degree.

Interconnection Costs

Installing a solar panel will require you to fulfill the cost of interconnection fee and solar permits. Interconnection fee is the amount you have to pay to get your solar energy system connected to the grid once you obtain your solar permit papers.

Labor Costs

Some homes are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to installing solar panels. This extends the installation process thereby bumping up the labor costs.

How To Pay for Solar Panel Installation

You can pay for a solar installation using 4 different ways mentioned below: 

  • Upfront Cash Purchase
  • Solar Loan
  • Solar Lease
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


For more details, visit our Solar Financing Australia page.
If you’re still confused as to what is your best solar panel finance option, have a chat with our solar experts and get started on your solar journey!

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