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Selecting the best equipment for your solar energy system and the correct solar installer to install it are both essential decisions for a successful solar panel installationSolar energy systems come with various solar warranties that apply to completely different parts of the installation, and trying to keep track of all of them can get complicated.

Here’s an easy guide to understanding the different Solar Panel warranties on your system and to which of them you should really pay attention to get maximum solar panel performance.

Solar Panel Warranties

Types of Solar Panel Warranties

Some of the solar panel warranties that back your solar energy system are associated with the equipment, and a few are related to the solar panel installation itself. We have mentioned the main solar warranties that you must consider before finalizing the deal.

Solar Product Warranty

The residential solar system doesn’t have any moving elements, and solar panels are highly durable. We would suggest an occasional rinse, to clean off dust and dirt from your panels. Other than this, your solar panels don’t require any day-to-day maintenance.

Whereas issues with a solar panel installation are rare, your panels come with a solar product warranty. The solar product warranty ensures that your solar panels can be free from problems caused by manufacturing defects or durability issues. If your panels fail due to one of these issues, the manufacturer will provide you with replacements. The industry standard for the product warranty is 12 – 15 years, though some of the best solar panels do provide up to a 25-year warranty.

The inverter, which converts electrical energy from your solar panels into a form that can be utilized in your house, also comes with a warranty. Inverters typically are not as long-lasting as solar panels, so you will need to replace your solar inverter at least once over the lifetime of your residential solar system. Warranties for solar inverters typically range from 5 to 10 years.

Solar Panel Performance Warranty

Solar panel performance naturally degrades over time at a relatively slow and steady rate. In order to give you a sense of what to expect in the future, your solar panels come with a Performance warranty. Performance warranties are primarily based on lab tests that reproduce the conditions your solar panels may have to endure over 25 years.

Solar panel manufacturers provide a Performance warranty, which ensures that their panels will retain a certain percentage of their production capability over the first 25 years. Most Performance warranties will assure that, after 25 years, a solar panel would function at around 80 % of its original output. 

The Performance warranty must also offer a guarantee that your panels only lose a certain percentage of their manufacturing capability every year — most of the solar panels have a 0.5% degradation rate. In this case, you must search for a warranty that ensures a relatively low rate of decline.

Solar installer workmanship warranty

Along with the equipment included in your solar panel installation, many solar installers offer a workmanship warranty. Installing a solar panel system on your roof is a smart choice and a big investment. If your solar installer provides a workmanship warranty, it’s a sign that they’re ready and willing to stand behind the work they do on your home, from system design to installation. We at AYKA Solar provide a 10-year workmanship warranty with our all solar panel installations.

Which Solar Warranties Are the Most important?

The bottom line is that, when you think about solar, the most important solar warranties are Product Warranty and workmanship warranty. Think about the last time you bought a new dishwasher or other house appliance; you focus extra on the appliance’s brand name and the contractor that installed it.

Both are essential concerns, and you should focus more on getting the best brand and an installer for you. Solar is no different, and pairing your Product warranty with a strong solar installer workmanship warranty is one of the best ways to be certain you’ll have a high-quality solar energy system that performs effectively in the long run.

If something does go wrong, many companies that manufacture solar energy equipment – such as Trina, Hyundai, Qcell— are long-standing, reputable solar manufacturers. An experienced solar installer like AYKA Solar will ensure they provide every support you need post-installation. This implies you can be assured that they will be around to honor their workmanship warranty if and when the time comes.

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