5 Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Solar Panel Sydney

Effects of Weather on Solar Panel

Effects Of Weather On Solar Panel

Almost every region in Australia is prone to some extreme weather event. Every business owner interested in going solar has probably wondered about the effects of severe weather conditions on the solar system Sydney

To clear your misconceptions about the durability and efficiency of Solar panels Sydney in extreme weather conditions, we’ll dive into breaking down five common misconceptions people have.

Solar energy is an abundant source of renewable energy and has a bright future. But due to few misconceptions, people tend not to go solar. As a responsible solar installer in Sydney, we would like to clear these misconceptions for you, so you can switch to solar and enjoy solar energy for the rest of your life.

Solar panel system doesn’t perform well in a cold-weather climate

This is by far the biggest misconception about solar panels. While The truth is, solar panels extract energy from light and not heat. So cold weather climate has little to do with how well your solar system Sydney functions. So, remember, as long as the Sun shines on your roof, your solar panel Sydney will make produce energy.

There’s no point in having a solar panel installation in cloudy areas

After years of experience in quality installation in Australia, we can indeed assure you that this is incorrect. In fact, solar panels and clouds can easily co-exist. The amount of energy your solar panels produce in cloudy weather conditions is entirely based on the quality of your solar panels and how they’re installed. 

The best solar panel Sydney is designed to handle extreme variations in temperature in both hot and cold climates. And, when they’re properly installed, they can take any weather conditions, be it cold or cloudy.

Solar panels can be easily damaged due to hail

People often tend to have this misconception and worry about how extreme lousy weather can damage their solar panels. But even this is not true; every quality solar installer Sydney has will install your solar panels only after testing them. You might sometimes think your solar panels are cracking the first time they’re pelted with those hailstorms. 

Solar panels need a lot of maintenance

Solar panels Sydney doesn’t need maintenance every month. You need not worry about it so much. Best solar panels are long-lasting and tested under extreme weather conditions. So, you can be relaxed and enjoy your own generated energy. For the residential solar system, we recommend having an inspection in a couple of years to see if they are performing efficiently. As for the commercial solar system, you may have to conduct an inspection every year. Solar panels need some cleaning as the dirt and dust may cause debris over them. Just contact your solar installer Sydney, and they will arrange a maintenance team for you.

Solar panels only work perfectly in sunny weather

It’s a common misconception people have that solar panels work only in sunlight and are of no use during the winter season. We want to clarify that it’s not correct. Solar panels produce energy from light and not heat. So, clouds and snow doesn’t affect the energy production of solar panels Sydney.

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