Best Solar Panel Direction For Every Goal In 2024

best solar panel direction

Which is Best Solar Panel Direction: In case you’re looking for a quick answer: North-facing solar panels are the best choice for all householders in Australia. 

However, if you wish to understand a bit more about solar panel orientation (direction), then read on.

The best solar panel direction for your installation:

Here’s an abstract of the most effective solar panel direction for every case. 

Your goalsThe best direction for all these goals
Maximise the solar panel outputNorth
Benefit from net meteringNorth
To pair with battery/cut back grid relianceNorth

Best solar panel direction overall:

North is the most effective solar panel orientation. In almost all instances, homeowners will achieve the best electric bill savings and the quickest payback period by facing their solar panel direction north over another. 

Having your panels facing North improves the economics of solar in the following methods:

  • It maximises solar panel output.
  • It maximises your capacity to take advantage of net metering.
  • It maximises your ability to make the most of battery storage. 

We discover each of these reasons in more detail below. 

North is the best solar panel direction to maximise solar panel output.

Within the Southern Hemisphere, the place Australia is situated, solar panels would achieve the highest solar panel production when facing North.

That’s because, on average, the sun shines directly over the Equator over the year. So, if you’re south of the Equator, facing north will maximise exposure to sunlight. 

In different words, solar panels facing north in Australia will face the sun all year long. Due to this your solar panels will receive all-day sunlight and will give maximum solar panel production

North is best for houses with net metering.

For those in a location where net metering is accessible, the best solar panel direction for you is North. Solar panels facing north produce the most energy overall during the day, but they also have most of it throughout noon. This means that your panels will generate the highest amount of energy during the day, so there might be lots of surplus energy produced. With net metering, you can send back that surplus energy back to the grid and get credit in return.

North is best with battery systems.

North-facing panels are best if you plan to install a battery storage system such as the Tesla Powerwall.  That’s because when you have a battery system; you aim to produce as much energy as possible over the day and get maximum solar panel output. Facing your panels north should help you meet your daytime needs and, crucially, generate lots of extra power to charge up your battery. You’ll be able to use your battery then to meet your power needs at peak times, overnight, and during grid outages. 

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