Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Solar Panels Work in Winter

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter?

Solar panels with different temperature

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, no matter the weather. During the day, they absorb energy from the sun’s abundant light rather than its heat. Solar panels Sydney turn sunlight into electricity even in below-freezing weather. Cold climates are best for solar panel efficiency. So as long as sunlight is hitting your solar panels, it will generate electricity. If there any poor output from your solar panels during the winter months, it will either be due to heavy snow or shorter daylight hours.

So, how exactly do solar panels Sydney work?

When sunlight photons hit solar panels, electrons in the silicon are put into motion. This creates an electric current which is then sent to your home’s electricity distribution box to power your electrical appliances. Then and if you install a rechargeable solar battery, it can help you store this electricity so you can use this solar energy during the night when the sun is not shining, during peak electricity usage, or when there is a power blackout.

Now how do electrons move around atoms? In cooler temperatures, Electrons are at rest. When these electrons are activated by sunlight, a greater voltage difference is attained by a solar panel Sydney, creating more and more energy. That’s why solar panels produce electricity more efficiently when it’s colder.

Do solar panels work in the snow?

We have already learned that solar panels work efficiently in cold temperatures, but what exactly happens when they are covered with snow? 

The best thing is even when solar panels are covered with snow, they can generate electricity.

Sunlight still manages to reach solar panels through snow and keeps solar cells producing energy. Solar panels’ dark, reflective glass accelerates snowmelt.

When there is snow on the ground, it can reflect extra sunlight on your solar panels Sydney like a mirror resulting in your solar panels generating more energy.

Power your house during winter storms with a solar battery

During winter storms, the grid may not work as well as solar panels Sydney. Power blackouts can frequently occur during the winter months, with some outages leaving families in the cold and the dark for many days. 

Installing a reliable rooftop solar system Sydney with battery storage can give you clean, renewable backup electricity, so sustain without any issue through the next power blackout. If you want your solar panels Sydney to continue generating power during a blackout, install a solar battery. Nowadays, every utility company sees the importance of solar storage and finds ways to incorporate more renewable energy into its infrastructure.

The time to go solar is now!

Solar panels and battery storage are a significant investment; solar company Sydney like AYKA Solar offers flexible financing options and solar plans for as little as $0 down. While solar panels Sydney can’t change the weather, they can help you generate your energy and be independent. 

Now take control of your energy and keep power through extreme weather conditions. Contact our solar experts today.

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