How Long Do Solar Panels Last on Average?

solar panels in Sydney How Long Do Solar Panels Last On Average?

A common query that a typical residential solar panel customer asks is, “how long do solar panels last?” As a common rule of thumb, the lifespan of solar panels will probably be between 20 – 25 years, relying on the manufacturer.

It’s necessary to note that this doesn’t suggest that they’ll stop producing electricity after that period. Solar panels are usually constructed robustly and to withstand every kind of climate situation. Because they don’t have any moving parts, you must expect your solar panels to last for many years.

The key factors in solar panels lifespan:

  • Solar Panel Warranty Lengths

The length of the solar panel’s guarantee shows you the manufacturers’ estimate of the life expectancy of their solar panels. Normally, the performance usual guarantee for solar panels is 25-30 years, assured for nearly 80% output. Although it is perhaps annoying to deal with a damaged panel after the warranty has run out, there are methods to extend the lifetime of your panels and ideas that will help you to know whether or not they’re worth it. Some tips will help you determine guarantee extendibility and what warranties cover.

If a solar panel is expected to produce 300 watts, its performance warranty will cover a minimum of 240 watts till its guarantee of 25 years. Some solar companies in Australia might provide an extended guarantee or assure 90% or more effectiveness.

  • Causes of solar panel degradation

There are various explanations for why solar panels could degrade quicker than predicted. The panels are being exposed to excessive changes in local weather and have been installed in areas where there is both plenties of rain or a lot of standing water. If there’s no sufficient space between the panels and the roof, moisture from the rain can evaporate the thin film of water between the panels, causing them to degrade quicker.

The crystalline silicon panels utilized in solar panels are susceptible to degradation, and even failure, because of the constant exposure to moisture, grime, and in some circumstances, insects and even rodents. Any damage to the solar cells may result in reduced output and even clouds over the solar panel equipment, reducing its effectiveness. 

The easiest way to ensure that your solar panels are protected against moisture and exposure to excessive temperatures is through the use of a properly installed and protected. A professional solar company must undertake the installation process trained explicitly in solar panel installation.

  • Proper Installation

To increase the lifespan of your solar panel, it is advisable to think about some important elements. One of the best ways to increase the lifespan of a solar panel system is by making certain that they’re connected to the proper electricity supply and accurately installed before utilizing them frequently. That is why it is important to find a trusted solar installerSolar experts are answerable for ensuring the security and efficiency of the solar energy system, ensuring the panels perform to their specifications for both the amount of power generated and time spent on storage.

As the name suggests, solar experts search for methods to make the very best use of solar resources. They do that by figuring out weak spots within the roof or connection system that would trigger potential harm and making recommendations about repairs or replacements to reduce risks. If a solar installer fails to do his job correctly or leaves important work unfinished, then it might cause you more issues down the road. Also, for Australia it is very important to get the installation done by a CEC accredited installer, this accreditation implies that the installer is correctly trained and skilled to install solar panels in a safe and efficient way.

Also, just the installations done by CEC installers are eligible for the government STC incentives, which means that if the installation is not done by a CEC accredited installer the customer will have to pay the total cost of the solar panel system + installation. 

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