How much time Does it Take to Install Solar Panels Sydney with AYKA Solar?

Install Solar Panels Sydney

How Much Time Required To Install Solar Panels?

The entire process for installing solar panels Sydney and getting them approved isn’t an overnight process. Each procedure takes time. The time for each process varies depending on the suburb you live in, your solar company Sydney, the solar panels you choose according to your requirements, and how many other people are installing solar panels. These are the steps for a solar system Sydney installation and approximately how long each step could take:

Local Permitting:

The first step of installing solar panels in Australia is to get them approved by local councils. Each local council will have its own set of guidelines and applications. Solar panels are controversial in Australia, and each applicant is required to provide evidence that they are safe and that their installation won’t cause any damage to infrastructure or amenity features of the neighborhood. The application for approval also has to include information about how much the panel cost and its length will last after being installed. Once these basic requirements are met, you should contact a solar company Sydney to find out about installation options. 

This step can take at least 3-4 days. 

Site Visit:

Once you choose your solar company Sydney, the next step is getting your site assessed and approved. A professional solar installer Sydney will visit your site and examine the house roof and other features to make sure they can support a solar system Sydney. The solar experts will make sure your house roof can handle the weight of your solar system and that your electrical system can handle the amount of energy you want to produce. We will also make sure nothing is obstructing the sunlight and confirm the measurements. 

From the initial phone call to the schedule to the site visit itself, this step can take around one week.

Solar System Sydney Designing:

The type of solar panels Sydney and mountings you use for solar installation will affect the time it takes to install your solar system Sydney. A reliable solar company Sydney will mostly have all the required parts for your installation, but if they don’t have it can take time to order parts, and this can add time to your solar installation. The solar experts will design the solar system Sydney customized tailored according to your energy requirements.

This step can vary depending on where your parts are coming from. It may take 3-4 days. 


Once your solar installation is scheduled, this step is the quickest in the whole process, to most people’s surprise. Most often, your solar company Sydney will be able to install the solar system in one or two days. The solar installers Sydney will arrive at your house with all of the equipment and start their work. They will begin with the wiring system and finish by installing the solar panels Sydney themselves. Mostly they can finish in a day, but if your roof is large or complicated, or the weather isn’t correct, it could take a few days. 

Depending on the size of your solar system Sydney and your roof, this step can take 1–2 days.

How soon can Homeowners Recover their Investment in Solar Panels Sydney?

Once your solar panels Sydney are installed, you may be wondering how long it’ll take for the solar system to recover the investment you put into it. Here are few easy steps to calculate the total payback period for your solar system Sydney

  • If you decide to go solar, calculate how much power you will use each month. The higher the electricity bill before solar panels, the longer, the longer your payback period will be until your next bill.
  • Determine the total cost of your solar system. This cost includes the gross price of the solar panels, types of equipment, installation, and maintenance before factoring in incentives. 
  • Houses with solar panels Sydney are often eligible for solar incentives, rebates, and federal tax credit. Australian governments also offer solar rebates and incentives on your solar installation.
  • Divide your combined costs from your benefits. This number should be the number of years it will take to fully recover your investment and start to benefit financially from a solar system Sydney

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