Lifespan of Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Lifespan Of Solar Panels

1. The solar solution is the best investment.

Homeowners and business owners around Australia are continuously looking forward to making their lifestyle more sustainable by installing solar panels Sydney. To evaluate whether your solar system is worth the investment helps to understand the average life span of solar cell panels. 

The average lifespan of solar panels Sydney is 25-30 years. Solar panels have a useful lifetime, but the lifespan of the solar panels on your roof depends on the weather, how often they are cleaned, and how well the roof is maintained. The lifetime of solar panels depends on the manufacturer and the materials used in their manufacture. 


Standard warranties on solar panels

The length of the solar panel’s warranty shows you the manufacturers’ estimate of the life expectancy of their solar panels. Usually, the standard warranty for solar panels is 25-30 years, guaranteed for almost 80% output. Though it might be worrisome to deal with a broken panel after the warranty has run out, there are ways to prolong the life of your panels and tips to help you know whether they’re worth it. There are tips to help you identify warranty extendable and what warranties cover. If a panel is rated to produce 300 watts, its warranty will cover a minimum of 240 watts until its warranty of 25 years. Some solar companies Sydney may offer a longer warranty or guarantee 90% or more efficiency. The other warranties for workmanship and equipment beyond the solar panels, such as the inverter and monitoring equipment, totally depend on your solar installer in Sydney and generally for a shorter time.

Why do solar panels degrade?

There are many reasons why solar panels Sydney may degrade faster than predicted. The panels are being exposed to extreme changes in climate and/or have been installed in locations where there is either a lot of rain or a lot of standing water. If there is not enough space between the panels and the roof, then moisture from the rain can evaporate the thin film of water between the panels, causing them to degrade faster. The crystalline silicon panels used in solar panels are prone to degradation, or even failure, due to the constant exposure to moisture, dirt, and in some cases, insects and even rodents. Any damage to the solar cells can result in reduced output or even clouds over the solar panel equipment, which reduces its efficiency. 

The best way to guarantee that your solar panels are protected from moisture and exposure to extreme temperatures is by using a properly installed and protected solar system Sydney. The installation process should be undertaken by a professional solar company Sydney trained explicitly in solar panel installation.

Installation issues

To extend your solar panel’s lifespan, you need to consider some essential aspects. The best way to extend the lifespan of a solar panel system is by ensuring that they are connected to the proper electricity supply and correctly installed before using them on a regular basis. This is why it’s important to find a trusted solar installer Sydney has. Solar engineers are responsible for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the solar power system, ensuring the panels perform to spec for both the amount of energy generated and time spent on storage. As the name suggests, solar engineers look for ways to make the best use of solar resources. They do this by identifying weak spots in the roof or connection system that could cause potential damage and making recommendations about repairs or replacement to reduce risks. If a solar installer Sydney fails to do his job properly or leaves important work unfinished, then it could cause you more problems down the road.


Weather does play an important role in the longevity of your solar panels Sydney. A strong wind can cause tree branches to fall on panels and possibly damage the anti-reflective glass coating that covers the solar panels. Heavy snowfall or blowing snow can cause panels to lose their structural integrity and accelerate degradation. Large hailstones or wind gusts can damage the glass in damaged materials such as double-hung windows and doors, while hail-insulated equipment will not withstand such impacts. To prevent such damage and maintain the structural integrity of your structure, always inspect roof installations for damages consistent with those found during storms or winds. 

Here’s How to Extend the Longevity of Your Solar Panels Sydney

You might be surprised to learn how little you can actually do to extend the life of your solar panels. The panels are sealed into the roof and cannot be easily replaced; the only way to extend their life is to inspect them at regular intervals and replace any that are becoming damaged. You can extend your solar panels Sydney’s lifespan by installing these solar monitoring devices. These devices will alert you in real-time if there is damage to your solar panels. This can prevent any problems from happening to your solar energy system before they are too late. Not only will you prevent damage to your panels, but you will also know if you are neglecting the maintenance and also have an opportunity to get an out-of-network repair or replacement panel immediately when needed. You can keep your panels clean and debris-free. Panel Cleaning can be slow and tedious work. If you are noticing stains and dirt build up over time on your solar panels, then it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service. The best thing about solar panels is that they don’t shed or bother anyone. However, when you consider that they generate electricity using the sun’s heat through conduction, a small amount of dirt, dust, and dirt can accumulate on the panels over time if left unattended. On the other hand, a professional can analyse your system’s energy production. If production declines, hire a solar maintenance professional to check your solar system in person and to administrate potential issues such as exposed wiring, loose racking, microcracks, and more.

The Basics of Batteries and How to Maintain Them

If you have a solar power system with batteries, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance and replacement. Many battery types need to be regularly inspected. You can extend the life of your batteries by installing them properly. Li-ion batteries are most susceptible to short-circuiting when discharging or charging them rapidly. Charging them wrong may cause immediate damage, while incorrectly disposing of them can cause them to degrade over time, becoming less able to store energy for future use.

Protecting Your Solar Panels from Debris

Make sure those solar panels you’re looking at aren’t covered in leaves or dirt, either. If you have large trees on your property that block the sunlight from reaching your panels, you can inadvertently increase the amount of sunlight that flows through those panels and reduce the amount of energy they generate. As a result, you may find that your panels stop working as well as they used to. If you cannot safely access the panels on your roof or notice any solar panels have suffered damage due to dust and debris, it’s best to call a professional solar installer in Sydney with proper equipment and expertise for assistance.

When properly maintained, the solar system Sydney is one of the most affordable clean and renewable energy sources over the long term, and it is accessible to every homeowner. If the solar system is installed correctly and maintained, the average lifespan of solar panels Sydney is 25 years or longer, which provides Australian homeowners with plenty of time to recoup significant value on the initial investment.

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