Solar Panel Maintenance- Methods to Protect your Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance Methods To Protect Your Solar Panels

Well, you take care of your car each year, right? It’s wise also to get your solar system Sydney inspected each year. We don’t notice them easily, but the dirt, dust, grime affects your solar panel’s performance, and you should get them cleaned. Usually, a solar installer Sydney-wide will tell you about this. We are here to help you understand what exactly you should pay attention to. 

Factors important for solar system maintenance?

Best solar panels Sydney that have been installed by experienced and qualified electricians are designed to operate with low maintenance requirements for the long run. As they are still an electrical asset, it is mandatory to have a qualified electrician yearly to inspect the following components of your solar system Sydney to ensure they are working efficiently:

  • The system is performing as designed
  • Any factors that are leading to poor performance of your solar panels
  • All components are operating safely and are not at risk of falling or causing more extensive damage to your site.

How often should we conduct solar panel system inspections?

For a residential solar system Sydney, we would recommend a full electrical inspection every couple of years. However, it is recommended for larger commercial systems (over 40kW) to schedule a maintenance inspection every year to ensure the system is operating well and safely.

The monitoring systems are a crucial element of your solar power system.

They are providing insight into performance.

  • Issue diagnostics.
  • Identifying if you need maintenance earlier than scheduled.

Do the solar panels need cleaning?

You must have noticed some dust and dirt on your roofing material. A solar panel will also collect dirt, debris, and other obstructions throughout a period. In most of the areas in Australia, if your solar panels are installed at a tilt of 5 degrees or higher, heavy rainfall can help you clear the collected dirt from your panel and keep your solar system Sydney operating without material soiling losses.

The improvements in solar panel Sydney and inverter technology, such as Half-cut silicon cells or panel optimizers, have made the solar system more resistant to shading and dirt build-up. An experienced electrician can advise whether there is a need to clean the solar panels through a solar panel system inspection.

Solar panels installed flat on a roof or subject to unusual conditions like large local bird populations, many trees around your house, industrial area pollution, or near coast areas will need to be cleaned more regularly.

Do hail and extreme weather patterns affect solar panels?

Solar system Sydney is designed and rated according to the environments in which they are installed. An experienced solar installer Sydney will ensure that the mounting system and roof substructure are designed to meet the wind rating and survive the usual and unusual weather conditions in your area. 

Each of the solar panels is designed and tested to withstand ice up to 35mm (a golf ball) approved by Australian Standards. This almost covers 99% of weather conditions. In scarce circumstances, some suburbs in Australia are expected to get bigger hailstorms.

Solar system Sydney is a valuable asset for your house that has an expected lifespan of 25 years. In order to optimize and maximize your return on investment, we recommend you have a yearly inspection and also take up a maintenance plan to ensure your solar system efficiency.

Ideally, it includes a regular health check for the system from an experienced and qualified electrician to identify any issues and preserve the asset’s value proactively. Still, it could also include regularly checking the system’s monitoring software and reactively resolving issues onsite as and when they arise.

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