Solar Panel Quotes Can Vary Vastly, Here’s Why

Solar panel quotes

Why Solar Panel Quotes Can Vary Vastly?

The most effective thing to do whenever you’re looking to buy your own solar energy system is to ask for a sales quote from various solar panel companies, rather than simply the one. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of what you get for your money and if you’re receiving a good value.

Of course, with the demand for solar so high, cheaper options in solar are also becoming more prevalent. As much as we need to lower our expenses and stick with a budget, paying a lower price can compromise the quality of the solar products.

Understanding why solar panel quotes differ will enable you to make the most informed choice when installing solar panels.

Having a solar energy system is a long-term investment, so doing a little research to ensure you receive a top-quality product is worth your while. You most likely have some providers in mind that you just wish to get a quote from, and every of those may give you various quotes ranging in price. Typically, the lower costs are tempting, and indeed, all of them do a similar job? This brings us the question; is there a big difference between higher-priced and lower-priced systems?

The answer is yes; there’s a big difference.

Cheap Panels & Inverters

If you choose the lower-price option, you lower your expenses on your purchase, but you also run the risk of issues arising with low cost, low-quality solar products. The solar panels and solar inverter are the two significant elements of a solar energy system. These are extremely necessary, and their level of quality will significantly affect the solar panel efficiency and longevity of your solar panel system.

It’s always an excellent suggestion to do your own research into the elements you’ve been quoted for. Every brand of solar panels and solar inverter have a specified technological design, efficiency, sturdiness and warranty. Take these factors into consideration when comparing the panels and inverter you’ve been provided. If you’re still unsure about the products, selecting a well-known, large manufacturer may give you peace of mind figuring out they’ve been in operation for quite a few years and have efficiently installed hundreds, if not thousands, of their products.

In case you’ve received a quote that appears to be a lot cheaper in comparison with the others, we strongly suggest you look further into their products. Solar panel companies who go for low-cost versions of these parts can reduce the lifetime of the system and cause an extra need for repair, which in the end affects you as a customer.

In some cases, solar panel installers resort to a ‘bait and switch scheme, where they talk you into buying a supposedly high-quality panel for a low price but will install cheaper substitutes instead. That is where ensuring you read your quote’s T&Cs in-depth becomes very important. Some companies have also been known to promote old stock for cheap costs, and customers are unaware that the solar warranties have already started. Keep a watch out for panels under 300W, as this is usually considered below industry standards now, and therefore is most probably old stock.

It would be best if you were sceptical of any companies who’ve limited information about their company and products.

Poor installation quality

Another possible cause why they’ve decreased costs can be compromised workmanship. Some companies hire inexperienced electricians so that they don’t need to pay them as much. The solar panel installers will get the job finished, however, at the risk of poor-quality or even unlicensed solar panel installations, which may result in faulty solar panel systems that may put your security in danger as well as inhibit the solar panel efficiency. It’s not uncommon for companies who reduce costs on their system components to lower costs on their quality of workmanship and solar panel installations. 

Solar Workmanship Warranties

Warranties are in place to cover any faults or defects in your solar panel system. You’ll always receive a product warranty and a performance warranty on your solar panels and inverter. But one more warranty comes with your solar panel installation. A solar workmanship warranty is considered as important as others. This warranty covers the issues that can come up with your installation components. If something were to go wrong with your racking system, for example, and a workmanship warranty doesn’t cover you, your solar supplier won’t cover these prices to restore or exchange the defective racking. 

Suppliers who don’t provide a workmanship warranty can present cheaper quotes as they don’t cover these warranties.

All AYKA Solar installations come with a 10-year Solar workmanship warranty.

After-Sales Service

Some solar panel companies provide very limited after-sales service. They’ll save on the prices of a system by restricting the amount of after-sales service they provide via low staff numbers and limited training for service issues leading to poor management.

Companies with higher quotes are likely also to be the ones who put the necessary time and resources into their after-sales service offering. When things go wrong with your solar panel system, it pays to have a knowledgeable and skilled group working to fix the problem. You can better understand how companies resolve their customer support issues by reading reviews online from earlier customers. You may also ask the solar panel company how they resolve after-sale service issues and in what time frame. Usually, 3 business days is acceptable.

Unfortunately, there are still companies that continue to use cheap components and cut prices wherever possible, regardless of the numerous known risks of doing this. Don’t put yourself in danger by purchasing a cheaper solar energy system. 

If you are looking for appropriate solar panel quotes that fit your energy requirements as well as budget, contact us today! AYKA Solar Installations are high-quality and improve your solar panel efficiency in the future. 


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