What are the Steps to Clean Solar Panels Sydney?

Steps To Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels Sydney on your roof are easy to install and require nearly no care over the year. But still, stubborn dust, dirt, and leaves find their way onto your solar panels and soil the surface.

Although rain can wash away some dirt, relying on annual rainfall will not guarantee a clean and spotless solar panel. While the dirt and dust don’t harm your panels, they can have a negative impact on your solar system Sydney’s performance. Therefore, to maximize your solar system’s performance, we recommend that you clean your solar panels Sydney at least once a year.

What should we follow while cleaning solar panels?

Safety first: We would advise that roof-mounted panels be cleaned by only an experienced solar panel cleaner Sydney. Fall protection should be used during the cleaning process of any roof-mounted solar system. Also, protective gloves and eye goggles should be used at all times. 

Solar panels Sydney is sturdy and made to endure harsh climates. They are even tested for the hailstorm-like climate. But sometimes, sudden pressure may damage its glass, frame, or mounting system also. Therefore, during the cleaning process, it’s wise never to attempt to climb on, stand and walk on solar modules or use a pressure sprayer of any kind for glass cleaning. Avoid dropping any objects to fall on the solar system or remain on the surface glass. Solar panels Sydney may break or detach from your roof, resulting in injury.

The best time to clean your solar panels is in the morning when they are still cool. Solar panels Sydney heats up during the day. If you apply lukewarm water on hot solar panels, water and panel temperature differences may shock and break the module glass. 

We are here to advise you with four easy steps to clean your solar panels Sydney

Water on Solar Panels:

Use a standard ½ inch flexible garden water hose with normal water pressure, and apply approximately 1-2 litres of lukewarm, de-ionized water to the solar system’s highest point, and allow the water to run down the entire solar module surface. Make sure you don’t use a pressure sprayer as this may force water to penetrate the glass and module frame sealant.

Scrub the Solar Panels:

Use a soft, non-abrasive brush with an extension pole handle, sweep the solar module in an up-and-down motion. This will help you remove any loose dust, dirt, and soiling from the solar module glass surface.

Rinse your Solar Panels:

While rinsing, apply approximately 1-2 litres of lukewarm water to the highest point of the solar module to rinse off the loose dirt and soiling. If still, the dust remains on the solar panels, repeat the cleaning procedure.

Remove the water:

Using a 24-inch rubber squeegee with a plastic frame and extension pole handle, start from the top of the solar module glass and sweep the squeegee in one downward motion to remove all the water from the solar module glass.

Clean solar panels will ensure that your solar system Sydney generates optimal electricity. With the correct practices, cleaning solar panels should be easy and safe.

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