Cost Of Intsalling Solar panels

What Is The Cost Of Installing Solar Panels?

Are you thinking of installing solar panels but looking for a definitive answer about solar panel installation cost? AYKA Solar has broken down the factors that affect your cost of solar panel installation, so you can get a rough estimate of how much it costs to install solar in 2024.

Various aspects affect the answer to ” how much does solar panel installation cost?”. These elements include your place, the size of your solar energy system, your property, and your goal after solar panel installation. 

Typically, solar panel installation can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000. It also depends on the size and brands you choose for your installation.

It’s clear that solar panel installation costs can differ tremendously. AYKA Solar has noted down some factors that may affect the cost to install solar panels in 2024 so that you can make a confident and expert decision.

Factors That Impact Cost for installing solar panels

Where You’re Located

The place you are located will be a big factor for what is the expense of installing solar panels. Each state in Australia includes different solar panel costs, as various states and territories pay various rebates per kW produced. These distinctions in costs from state to state will determine the exact cost of installing solar panels.

Another reason that costs in Australian states can differ a lot is that the number of panels needed to produce the very same amount of electricity varies, with varying quantities of sunlight readily available throughout Australia. For example, citizens and property owners in Sydney can produce more sunlight from their solar panels than property owners in Melbourne.

Will You Be Connected to the grid or Off-Grid?

Whether or not your solar energy system is still linked to the electricity grid will also determine how much it costs to install solar panels. When installing solar panels, it’s relatively common for commercial and residential properties across Australia to stay connected to the electricity grid. This implies that your property is still connected to the mains electricity grid to utilize as a backup when your solar panels aren’t creating enough energy (at night, for instance). In terms of the expense of installing solar panels, staying connected to the grid is the more cost-effective choice.

A grid-connected solar energy system will have solar panels and an inverter connected to the primary electrical energy grid. Normally, the solar panels will generate electrical energy throughout the day, and the house/business will be dependent on solar energy before drawing on electrical power when essential.

An off-grid solar panel system will not be connected to the grid and will be independent of traditional energy power connections. Off-grid solar panel systems normally rely on storage batteries to collect all unused power from the solar panels for low-sun days or at night. Off-grid solar systems are generally more expensive to install and are usually utilized in rural areas of Australia where the primary power connection is not guaranteed.

Solar Incentives

Another essential element to consider when thinking about “how much does it cost for installing solar panels in 2024?” is the solar incentives throughout the states of Australia. Australia introduced the renewable energy target: a federal scheme designed to motivate and ensure a minimum of 33,000 GH W of Australia’s generated electrical energy originates from renewable energy sources by 2024.

Along with this goal to become more energy-efficient and switch to renewable energy sources, there exists STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates), Feed-in tariffs in Australia to encourage people to switch to solar power. Depending on where you’re located, these rebates can significantly impact just how much it costs to install solar panels.

If you’re questioning the expense of installing solar panels in your state, make sure to do your research study on any federal government subsidies and rebates.

Orientation of Property

The orientation of your residential or commercial property can also affect overall solar installation cost. The angle and direction of your roofing and property play a huge role in the effectiveness of your installed solar panels. The angle of solar panels should preferably be placed to align with the latitude of where you live. The directions of your roofing can also play a part– North-facing roofs are the best for maximum solar panel production, where East or West facing roofs may be slightly less effective.

If your house is surrounded by trees or buildings that obstruct much sunlight, this might lower your chances to install solar panels. There are options to install solar panels if your property is rather shaded, with micro-inverters, which may add to the overall expenses of solar panel installation on your property.

The Installation

The solar company that installs your solar panels will also have a lot to do with solar installation cost. The costs of installing a basic rooftop solar energy system will ultimately come down to whom you pick to install the solar panels. Look for an experienced solar panel installer, and you can expect expert understanding and quality solar panel packages. Choose a cheap solar panel installer, and you’ll wind up with a faulty installation, high installation charges and the result of poor workmanship resulting in a needed replacement or repair of your solar system down the line.

Get the best deal with AYKA Solar

Among the best ways to stay on top while installing solar panels and selecting the most economical route is to do your research and invest in a good solar company. A correct solar installation should include whatever you require for a new solar panel system. This consists of solar panels, solar inverters, the whole installation procedure, and the workmanship warranty.

AYKA Solar is one of the most reputable solar companies in Australia and offers a 10- year workmanship warranty along with all our solar panel installation. We specialize in residential and commercial solar installation. We have installed over 40,000 panels and will continue to offer exceptional solar services over the coming years as more Australians take pleasure in the benefits of solar power.


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