Why Spring 2024 Is the Perfect Time to Install Solar Panels

Spring Is Best Time To Install Solar Panels

If you’ve been interested in taking the leap and investing in a solar energy system, you might have been waiting for the perfect time to get started. With spring here, it won’t take long for things to start heating up and for our air conditioners to get a serious workout. 

It might shock you to know that spring is among the best times of the year to install solar panels, as it could help us prepare for the hottest time of the year. Still need some convincing? Check out our top 6 causes below!

Peak Solar Panel Production

Spring is definitely the second-best time for solar panel production, with summer taking out first place. Throughout spring, Australia gets on average around 12 hours of sunlight, giving your solar panels adequate time to absorb the sun’s rays. 

Also, the solar panel output depends on light, not heat, so you won’t have to worry about not producing sufficient electricity without the summer’s blaze, as sunny days with cooler temperatures can still mean huge solar panel production. 

Start building power for summer with solar panels

And while we’re on the topic of the summer season, one of the busiest times of the year for the electricity grid, spring also provides your house with the chance to start out collecting energy and storing it in your battery system, if you have installed one. This means you won’t have to depend on your electricity retailer as much throughout the summer season and can save massively on your electricity bill. 

Get Ready to Offset High Summer Energy Bills

Installing your new solar panel system in spring 2021, says you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the great climate and associated high production rates of summer.

This will help you neutralise high energy bills caused due to increased air-conditioning use and result in huge savings. With a solar panel system, you can use your air-conditioning during the hottest hours of the day in summer and not worry about being stung with a high energy bill.

To stay ahead of the game

By now, you’ve most likely understood that summertime is big business for solar panel systems, so this brings us to the next important point: by the time summer season rolls around, many Aussies must have already decided to kickstart their solar energy journey. This will mean there’s going to be a rush of customers. 

By getting the ball rolling in spring itself, you’ll be capable of getting the paperwork signed off and have all of the bits and pieces ready to go. Prepping for the summer season also means you will not waste time indoors researching and can focus on enjoying your solar panel savings and the warm weather!

Beat the Summer rush

As more and more houses switch to solar, installation companies get busier. Waiting till summer might result in longer wait times. Cold and misty weather  – or excessively hot temperatures can dramatically extend the solar panel installation timeline. Scheduling solar panel installation in spring is one of the best ways to avoid packed summer schedules or unwelcome surprises from mother nature. In short, installing in spring 2021 will provide the most effective chance of being ready for the summer. 

reliable solar installer might help guide you through the solar purchasing and installation process, but even with professional help, the whole journey can take several days from start to end. Getting started early is the easiest way to make sure you’re prepared for the summertime.

STC Phase-Out

Due to the phasing out of government solar incentives, otherwise known as STCs, we suggest you install your solar panel system as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on the higher rebate.

By installing your solar energy system this spring, you’ll secure the current STC incentives, make the most of government solar incentives and maximise your solar panel savings.

Installing solar panels between September and November promises high solar panel production rates and will prepare you to utilise your new solar energy system in the coming warmer months fully. A reliable solar installer will ensure the worth of your solar rebate when you sign up for a solar energy system and deal with the documents for you. To get in before the summer season rush, request a free solar panel quote immediately, or call us on 0409 707 707.

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