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With long summers, clear skies and vast open terrains, Australia is one of the best places to install a solar energy system. Solar can produce limitless free electricity from the sun’s radiation and this fact is catching up to most Australians. 

However, buying and installing a solar system is not as easy and economical as one may think. This is where the Australian government comes in! To encourage and boost solar installation, the government provides various financial incentives aka solar rebates.

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What is a solar rebate?

Solar rebates are financial incentives offered by the Australian government to reward customers for generating and using their own electricity. Solar rebates were originally introduced to encourage households and businesses to purchase solar systems as a way to counteract the large up-front costs of buying a solar system.

Solar panel rebates, then aided Australians to pay off these systems more effectively and made them more profitable to homeowners, thereby helping solar expansion across Australia. Since, the rebates have been reduced in size and variety but there are still a few incentives available for households and businesses looking to install solar.

How Does A Solar Rebate Work?

In Australia, a solar rebate is essentially a discount scheme for house owners that install any renewable system. Technically classified as more of a financial incentive than a rebate, the incentive subsidizes the upfront installation cost of a solar power system. This system works similar to a voucher system where customers will receive a certain number of vouchers based on the size and location of their solar system. 

The customers then can exchange or sell these vouchers to reduce the upfront installation cost of their solar system. Everything is run under a program known as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. And how do you claim it ? Well, you only have to follow the following criteria: 

  1. Your solar system must be less than 100kW in size.
  2. Your solar system should be installed and designed by a Clean Energy Council accredited professional.
  3. Your solar panels and solar inverters should be approved by the Clean Energy Council.

That’s it!

Note: Do not confuse solar rebates with Feed-in Tariff. Feed-in Tariffs are subsidies where electricity retailers pay you for the excess electricity you export to the grid.

What Are The Government Solar Rebate Initiatives Available In Australia?

Currently there are two national government solar rebate initiatives available in Australia namely the small-scale renewable energy scheme and solar feed-in tariffs.

Small-scale renewable energy scheme

The biggest monetary incentive run by the government allows customers with a renewable system under 100kW to earn a small-scale energy certificate (STCs). These certificates are calculated based on the amount of energy the renewable system will generate through its life up to 15 years. In general, these certificates are awarded to consumers once their system is purchased and approved by the CEC. Then, these certificates can be sold by the customers to recoup a portion of the installation costs.

Now, the STC value will vary depending on the area of your residence. As shown in the image below, climate zones for STCs are broken up into three regions.

Solar Panel On Rooftop

The lower the zone number the more subsidy cash you get!

For the latest information on small-scale energy certificates, it’s best to visit the Clean Energy regulator’s website OR reach out to us!

Feed-in tariffs

A Feed-in tariff is the amount that solar retailers pay you for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of unused excess electricity generated by your solar system that is exported to the electricity grid. The feed in tariffs will differ depending on where you live as retailers are usually free to set their own rate so long as it’s above the state-set limit.


How Do I Claim Government Solar Rebates?

As stated, your state of residence will determine the total rebate amount you can claim. You can apply directly to your respective government body given that you fulfill a few basic requirements: 

  1. Have a rooftop solar panel system.
  2. Be located on property zoned residential or rural
  3. Be powered by a grid-connected electricity supplier

To qualify for a government rebate, you must use a Clean Energy Council certified installer. You must also use panels that meet the CEC’s standards for performance and safety.

One thing to note is that while some electricity retailers might offer higher feed-in tariffs than others, it could come along with higher electricity usage costs too; so be sure to always read the fine print!

What’s Next?

A solar system is a great investment that can help save you hundreds of dollars. While the cost of installing a solar panel system may seem a bit substantial; exploring government rebates and solar financing options makes a huge difference in the pricing.

For all the solar financing details, visit our Solar Financing page.

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