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In a bid to encourage Australians to go solar and take control of their energy bills, the Federal and State Government has initiated an “Australia Solar Rebate Scheme” to help households and businesses reduce the cost of installing solar power systems at their premises.

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Solar Rebates Act

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Solar Rebates Act

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Solar Rebates Act

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Solar Rebates Act

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Why does the government offer rebates for Solar?

The Australian federal government offers incentives for homeowners and businesses to set up solar systems. They do this because the government wants to achieve green energy by 2050. To encourage people to set up solar panels, the government gives something called STC.

Solar Rebates Act

Will The Rebates Go Down With Time?

In short, yes. This scheme started in 2017, and every year until 2030, the incentives will decrease by 1/15th every year. That means the earlier you go for the rebates, in general the more they will be.

What are Australian government Rebates?

The Australian government has the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Through this scheme, it gives out STC (Small-Scale Technology Certificates) to the property owners to pay towards their solar installation.

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What do you need to do to claim the rebates?

The main condition for claiming the rewards is that you install solar PV panels and inverters from the list of CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved manufacturers. 

The installation company needs to be CEC accredited too.

How much rebate will I get through the STC?

Depending on the size, expected life of the system and your zone you get a certain amount of money towards the installation of your solar system. Canberra is in zone 3. To get an idea of how much rebate you get, let’s calculate for a certificate value of $37 each. A  6.6 kW solar system will be eligible for 82 certificates. That means you will be able to save 82 X $37 = $3034 for the entire system. Considering that the typical cost of a 6.6 kW system is about 5,000 to 9,000 you will be saving ~50% to 34%. 

This price is an example, the price of each certificate and solar system fluctuates depending on the demand for those certificates and solar panel/ inverter supply.

Solar Rebates Act

What are the ACT government incentives?

Besides the Australian government the ACT government too is fully committed to renewable energy. To encourage people to convert to green energy, the ACT government offers generous incentives. 

ACT government’s NexGen Energy Storage Program aims to modernise energy storage – hence it offers financial incentives for people to buy batteries. Sustainable Household Scheme helps homeowners and businesses access solar energy more easily. There are some rebates for low income households too. 

What is the ACT NexGen Energy Storage Program?

The ACT government also offers significant rebates towards buying solar batteries. Having a battery gives you peace of mind because you can store your solar power during the day and use it during the night. If millions of people install solar panels and batteries, then they act like a distributed power plant. This reduces the demand during the peak hours. Also it allows power companies to handle fluctuations better. Hence the ACT government offers significant rebates on your battery purchase.

The amount of rebate depends on the output of your battery. ACT government offers $3500 or 50% of the battery price, whichever is lower. This can be about 35% cheaper. 


What is the Sustainable Household Scheme?

Through this scheme the ACT government offers interest free loans towards buying solar systems for eligible homeowners. The upper limit is a generous $15,000. The money can be paid back interest free in up to 10 years. There are no up-front costs for borrowing.

What are the ACT Rebates for low income households?

The ACT government wants to ensure access to green energy for all communities. Qualifying solar buyers receive funding for rooftop solar systems. More than 670 homes have been helped by this program so far.

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How do I claim these rebates?

Relax. The AYKA team takes care of everything. We design the system to your needs, install it professionally, AND do all the paperwork for rebates. You don’t have to do a thing! You just pay us the cost of your system minus the rebates.

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