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Victorian Solar Rebates are running out now! Get Your Rebate and Slash The Price of Solar Batteries With Government Rebates in 2022.

Victorian Solar Rebate

Solar Battery Rebate Victoria

The Victorian households are encouraged extremely to get a rebate on solar batteries for eligible candidates. The Victorian government has sought to  provide a sale discount which can be a maximum of $3500. The best part is that the rebate is exclusive to all the postcodes of Victoria. 

Solar Victoria is providing a rebate ensuring that eligible Victorians install a solar battery. The Victorian Government is providing a sale discount up to a maximum of $3,500.

Every month on the second Wednesday, rebates on solar photovoltaic cells and solar batteries will be released. The rebate is also applicable for solar for small businesses and solar rentals. Find out more about Victorian Solar Rebate.

Why do the approved and certified vendors or dealers play an important role in attaining the rebate from the government?

The first important aspect is that they are trusted and the quality is impeccable. The second reason is that the solar retailer can claim the rebate instead of you. This amount will be reduced from the solar you buy from them. This deduction includes the cost of the system which includes batteries, panels and inverters and the installation of the system. 

You are entitled to pay how much the rest of the balance stands. This will be given directly to the retailer and you can choose how to pay from them if they give you options and methods to pay the rest of the amount.

You could save around $640 every year or even more by just installing a battery to your solar panel system with AYKA Solar.

How to apply for a solar battery rebate?

Learn everything you need to know about the Victorian Solar Rebate and the application process for 2022.

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Important side notes and points to take note of and remember:

  • How many rebates will be released each month still hasn’t been verified. 
  • The solar hot water rebates do not have a fixed release date and are ongoing. 
  • Eligible customers can get both the solar panels and solar batteries mounted on the same day but they are subject to only one Victorian Solar Rebate.
  • No-interest loans are not eligible for the rebate.
  • The installers or retailers must be a part of the Approved list.
  • The approved list could be of Energy Safe Victoria, CEC or Clean Energy Council, or any other appropriate sources. 
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