The Ultimate Guide to String Inverters

The Ultimate Guide to String Inverters

Everything You Need to Know About String Inverters

A solar inverter is the most fundamental and essential aspect of a solar panel system as it can transform DC power into usable AC electricity for your home. There are three different types of solar inverters available, and today we will be discussing string inverters in particular.

What is a string inverter, or which characteristic feature defines a string inverter?

A string inverter works with multiple series (strings) of panels.

A string inverter is designed to achieve maximum yield from strings of solar panels depending on the voltages, currents and weather conditions etc. Furthermore, operations are conducted following safety parameters and precautions. We can say that string inverters are safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

A solar inverter is the most essential part of a photovoltaic panel system as it can convert unusable power into usable electricity for your home. Inverters can be divided into three types, and we will discuss solar string inverters today.

A brief understanding of string inverters

Why you must couple them with solar panel installation in 2024!

What is a string inverter, and how does it function? To sum up solar string inverters in one sentence, it can be stated that they are simple, easy to install, cheap, and the most suitable solution. Installation of a single-string inverter can handle up to 5 to 10 rows of solar panels. Thus, the upfront cost associated with it is decreased to a maximum extent. Furthermore, we can save a lot of money when compared to equipment in a string inverter.

The only drawback is that, even though we save on the upfront cost of the inverter, we end up spending a lot more because of the lack of efficiency.

The maximum efficiency of a solar string inverter is equal to the lowest efficiency of the solar panel. 

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Depreciation of the efficiency of the solar inverter can be caused even by small factors like shading or debris on the panel. A string inverter works simultaneously by gathering the sum of electricity produced by each panel. This means there will be high-voltage electricity lying on your roof or your premises. These can become pretty dangerous without proper care and maintenance.

What are the advantages of a solar string inverter?

A string inverter has some negative factors that the positive ones rule out. There are 3 advantages to investing in a string inverter.

  1. Safety and reliability: 
  • Contrary to what I have explained, they are indeed one of the safest forms of inverters when considering other factors. They are the oldest and most reliable type of inverter on the market
  • They have very few parts or equipment to be connected and therefore have minimal hazards during installation.
  • Furthermore, you can add connection points to prevent fire risk. They do have a smaller number of connection points, which makes them a tad bit more secure than the others.
  • They have the two most significant safety functions. They are: accurate in arc fault detection and reliable during a shutdown.
  • A solar string inverter has a very small number of components. Energy conversion should be easy and reliable. More parts complicate the process for handymen, technicians or engineers, making them less reliable.
  • You can use technology to your advantage by installing an app on your phone to track energy generation and conversion. Therefore, you will be able to take note that I am bringing your solar installer’s attention to the issue at hand when it arises.
  • Finally, they are easier to maintain than other types of solar inverters. These inverters do not require as much maintenance as different types of solar inverters. This makes them a suitable choice for those who want to reduce the amount of time and money they spend on maintaining their photovoltaic system.
  1. Cost-effective and Return On Investment (ROI) :
  • Solar modules or arrays with solar string inverters do not require DC optimizers or micro-inverters on every module. As a result, you will lower the upfront cost of the solar system and the string inverter.
  • In addition to saving the inverter and system, you also get less time for installation, meaning less labour and lower costs.
  • ROI or return on investment is extreme when considering the price point of a string inverter.
  • In most cases, solar string inverters are cost-effective and feature effective software that solves issues such as complex roof designs and shading.
  • Considering the maintenance and service of these inverters, they are a worthwhile investment and require very minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime.
  1. Flexible to upgrade in the future:
  • A string inverter is the oldest form of inverter in the solar market. The inverter is like a foundation for all future inverters, like micro inverters.
  • Future inventions have branched out from this stem. It can be expanded and upgraded as required.
  • Since they are present beside the PV module, it is easy to access them during the repair or replacement.
  • Solar string inverters are very flexible and are compatible with literally every type of technology and brand.
  • With advancements in technology and innovations, handcrafted solar string inverters are well ahead of microinverters and DC optimizations.

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What are the disadvantages of a string inverter?

Given that solar string inverters are the most popular type of PV inverter, it is surprising that there are several disadvantages associated with them.

  • One downside is that these inverters are more susceptible to shading issues or damage. If even one panel in a string is shaded, the entire string will produce less power. Therefore, it can reduce the output of the entire string.
  • Additionally, solar string inverters typically require more maintenance than other types of solar inverters.
  • One issue is that they are less efficient than microinverters. This means that more energy is lost as heat, which can shorten the lifespan of the inverter.
  • Finally, solar string inverters typically cost more upfront than other types of inverters. Although the initial investment may be higher, it is imperative to consider the long-term costs and benefits when deciding on buying the best solar inverters.

String inverters still outperform all the other types, which makes them more valuable and usable than others. They remain a popular choice for many solar installations.

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