Solar Power: Right time and way to use it

When should we use solar power to attain maximum efficiency? The answer to your question is pretty obvious. The peak time of the sun is in the afternoon, and hence the best time for the solar panels will be when the sun is at maximum capacity. That is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When there is an abundant supply of sunlight, the systems have a surplus to absorb, feed on and store for future use. With the angle of the sun and the panels, there are changes in the intensity and absorption. Besides, there are several other factors like climate, location, type of panel etc. that decide the exact time for a particular person living in a particular region.

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Multiple factors could affect the best time to use Solar Panels. They are,

1. The direction of the solar panel and location

The direction and location of the solar panel primarily depend on the direction of the sun in your area. Only a professional installer would know which direction is best for you when it comes to installing and reaping the benefit of sustainable energy to its maximum potential. 

The best time to use your solar energy is when the orientation is set. The panels must be exposed to the peak hours of sunlight to create a steady absorption pattern. In Australia, since it lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the most efficient panels are facing the north with a tilt of 20-30 degrees. The angles help the panels clear themselves of leaves and twigs more effectively.

2. Management of Solar Power and Time

The weather plays an important role in the efficiency of solar panels. The summers are the longest and hence from October to April, we can draw a lot of electricity from the panels. The scenario could reverse for someone from the Northern Hemisphere. If you are trying to install it to benefit your business, you must keep track of seasons and weather. In that case, opt for a high-quality solar battery and reap more benefits.

3. Efficiency, Smartness, Connecting to the Grid

Making use of any system does not necessarily mean using it excessively. It is about timing the appliances to operate perfectly during peak periods and storing a lot for the night. Be Witty! Charge your chargeable devices and store excess energy using a solar battery. So, when the system generates excess, you end up saving a lot more. 

More sunlight does not necessarily mean that your system is working efficiently. There is a temperature coefficient for every Solar PV Panel and given the wear and tear, the coefficient is set to some value for a particular temperate during manufacturing. 

Connect to the grid and save as much as you can and enjoy the cashback from the government! Also, even if Solar Panel Systems do not require regular maintenance, maintaining them once in a while will level up their efficiency like cleaning solar panels. As they battle the harsh weather to provide you with hot water and energy in the cold months, a little bit of cleaning will secure their efficiency and so will your pockets.

So, “What is the best time to use solar power?”

The best time to use solar power will vary depending on your circumstances. However, by understanding how solar panels work and what factors affect their performance, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your Rooftop solar PV system. To solve your queries, you could always call up your local solar experts in Australia like AYKA Solar and schedule a FREE appointment!

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