How Solar Panels Affect Your Property

How Solar Panels Affect Your Property?

Are you worried in regards to the minor issues that most solar panel companies don’t discuss? The unusual questions that need to be asked but don’t? We are here to answer all your questions that have been on your mind regarding solar panel installation how does it affect your house!

Installing solar panels in Sydney and the rest of Australia is a gamechanger for any property owner. But how does the entire process impact your property? Our solar experts answer the most common questions on property changes below.

Solar panels are dangerous for your roof?

No. Well, that’s in case you choose an experienced, CEC-Accredited Retailer and Installer.

Solar panels often weigh around 21kg. However, a full solar array can add considerable weight to your roof.

However, an accredited solar panel retailer will plan a solar panel layout that maximises generation and safely spreads the weight throughout your roof.

This service includes inspecting the roof, noting the roof’s materials, and discovering the most secure spot (with the most effective angle) for a solar panel installation.

CEC Accredited solar panel installers will make sure the solar energy system is installed correctly without damaging your roof.

An experienced solar panel retailer like AYKA Solar will cover everything – from customising solar panel designs to expertly installing solar energy systems.

Our solar panel installers are all CEC accredited, and we provide a 10- year workmanship warranty on every solar panel installation.

Beware of dodgy solar panel companies: A poor solar panel installation can harm your roof and lead to long-term damage and affect your solar panel savings. Always make sure you research the solar panel installers you ought to choose.

Installing solar panels in Sydney and the rest of Australia is a gamechanger for any property owner. But how does the entire process impact your property? Our solar experts answer the most common questions on property changes below.

Is it harder to sell a home with solar panels in Sydney?

By no means it is tough to sell a house with solar panels in Sydney. The value of solar is known throughout Australia and the world.

Solar panels are a useful asset, so they can enhance the value of your property – making it easier to sell. Though, the value it adds will rely upon the quality and age of the solar panels.

recent study identified that almost all Australian property buyers (and renters) would pay more if installed solar.

During the property valuation process, solar provides your property with an even bigger ‘environment – friendly’ tick, and most buyers in Australia are well aware of the savings that come from having solar.

Just ensure you keep all the details of your solar panels, along with solar panel warranties and the details of your solar panel retailer.

Does house insurance cover solar panels?

To make sure your panels are insured, you might need to update your insurance company.

While solar panel efficiency and product defects (among different things) are covered by solar panel warranties, adding your solar energy system to your Home and Contents policy can cover it for other events (e.g. storm damage).

Get in touch with your house insurance provider to learn how solar will have an effect on your policy.

Wondering how solar panels might affect your electricity bills? Please read our blog on How to achieve a $0 energy bill with solar.

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