Difference between Performance Warranties and Product Warranties

Performance Warranties and Product Warranties

Performance Warranties vs Product Warranties

Performance Warranties are a manufacturer’s way of assuring their clients by guaranteeing them that they’ve invested in a non-faulty and quality-performing product that can serve them in the long run. These also assure customers that the solar panel manufacturers will likely be accountable if they’ve purchased a faulty product.

As with any equipment or gear you buy as a long-term investment, solar panels also include their own warranty. The solar panel warranty provides quality assurance and a range of services and support for consumers once they encounter issues. A solar panel usually comes with two kinds of warranty– the solar performance warranty and the solar product warranty.

The Importance of Solar Panel Warranty

A superb quality solar panel will reduce your risk of any issues occurring; however, it’s unrealistic to expect that a defect might never occur on your solar panel installation. Particularly if you purchase a cheap solar energy system. This is where the significance of your warranties come in. Solar panel Warranty makes sure that your solar panel workmanship is done correctly and producers will provide you with help and customer support for a defective product, so that there is no obstacle on your solar panel savings.

Performance Warranty

Over time, solar panels will degrade and may generate less energy than when first installed, albeit at varying levels. The solar performance warranty (generally known as “power” warranty) in solar panels assures customers that their panels will perform to a certain solar panel efficiency level for a specific time frame.

Usually, performance warranties state that solar panels would be generating 80-90% of their power capacity for years. The industry standard for performance warranties is 25 years.

The solar performance warranty also gives customers information about the manufacturer’s support and services if they encounter an issue with their solar energy system.

Product Warranty

On the other hand, the solar product warranty is based on a solar panel workmanship, such as the materials and the guarantee of their quality. It’s safe to say that the solar product warranty is considered an important warranty of the solar panel, as that is more straightforward and helps customers pinpoint the particular defects and damages on the solar panels and whether it’s working or not. 

For many panels, the product warranty covers a shorter period than the performance warranty. The minimum industry standard you need to be looking for on a solar product warranty for solar panels is 10 -15 years, although the longer, the better.

Leading solar panel manufacturers like Canadian SolarQ cell are highly regarded for offering the longest and most extensive product warranty of 25 years. This highlights the company’s confidence in its products and longevity as a company.

The Importance of Company’s Australian Presence 

It’s a common misunderstanding of customers that the length of the solar product warranty is all you need to pay attention to. Ensuring that your solar company and chosen brand of panels have their presence in Australia is extremely important. If they don’t have a presence, claiming your warranty when something goes wrong suddenly can be very difficult.

It’s important to compare warranty coverages from solar panel manufacturers to make sure you’re getting one of the best deals and aren’t going to be caught out later by a dodgy warranty or low-cost manufacturer.

A solar  energy system is a large investment for your property and must be designed to provide you with several advantages for years to come.

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