$17 Billion Solar Battery Grant

$17 Billion Solar Battery Grant

Solar Battery Grant brings good news to Australians. With this they can avail loans and grants worth $50,000. Adam Bandt is making solar dreams come true.

With the rise of the Greens’ election 2024, an offer of $17 Billion was made. This was particularly made for the Renewable energy plan 2024. The whole idea behind the grant was to have a great impact on the pact of becoming sustainable. This will add more value to the installations of solar batteries. 

The granted offers range up to $10,000 and the solar battery loans up to $50,000. The Greens Election 2024 has shown some positive impact and hope for the Australian homeowners.  

Highlights of $17 Billion Solar Battery Grant

$17 billion is not a small amount but this amount will make sure to secure the future and future generations’ consumption of energy and their switch to renewable energy. The coal power and fossils used for electricity have been killing the environment in the long run, and it’s about time we make the switch. Renewability has not only become a cheap and premium alternative but also a means of livelihood and opportunities for many homeowners and businesses alike. 

Looking at the road map of 2024, I have a very good premonition that we have started on a good foot! Advancements like these are bound to reduce carbon emissions, add more to Clean and Green energy in Australia, retain a lot in the pockets of commoners and also reduce the cost of living to some extent.

During the Greens Federal Election campaign in Brisbane, The Greens made public that $17 Billion will be an offer grant. This was held by the Coalition and Labour and announced in the second week of the campaign.

Energy consumption & grid and Re-wiring the Nation Corporation policy

The Re-Wiring the Nation policy is an attempt to go free from the bounds of the energy grid and its never-ending hike in prices.

The strain due to recent blackouts in Australia has made the Greens election 2022 a little juicy. With the controversies and rise of electricity, the AEMO or The Australian Energy Market Operator had to set limits to $300 per megawatt-hour cap on the prices.

Rewiring the Nation Corporation (RNC) policy is a government-owned entity, but is in the hands of the public. The policy made was bound to increase the prices of electricity. It was in the hands of the labourers to rebuild the grid prices. The grid will also be made to withstand the inrush of electricity from the renewable sources that were sent during the day.

For this upgrade to be carried out,

  • $20 billion investment will be used for Labour proposals from the Commonwealth.

  • $50 billion will be from the energy sector

  • In the election, the Greens have vowed to give a loan amount of up to $100,000 and grants worth $25,000.

The solar battery, that will be installed alongside the panels, will be an add-on to the investment that you are doing. 

The rise of the solar industry

The Greens election 2024 has directly supported the idea of renewability by showing huge initiative that will surely go a long way. It will only enable more to be added to the economy of Australia and the solar industry. The election is a ray of hope to local electricians and handymen and also for the local battery manufacturers.

The Solar Battery Grant

Solar batteries are available for storing the energy generated during the day for use at night. The greens made sure to include more of the solar battery. This is to secure and save maximum energy during the day for Australians.

Power back and sustainability with the policy and solar battery, so you don’t have to spend a cent on energy from the grid during the nighttime.

  • This will also combat the influx problem faced by the grid during the day. 

  • The Head of the Greens, Adam Bandt has mentioned making the rebates for solar battery

  • The federal incentive or solar rebates will be up to $3,000 concerning STC(Standard Test Conditions) for a 6.6kW solar panel installation.

Electricity is a basic necessity and not a business for profit!

The Greens and their zeal to make Australia sustainable have made them think ahead of the game. They have made sure to create opportunities equally for Australians and energy providers. 

The heavy profits for the energy provider must stop and so will the exploitation. They have initiated buying the electricity providers that are publicly owned thereby shunting their profit. The greens believe that a basic necessity like electricity shouldn’t be the one that will be harvested for profit. 

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